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    Something about LTE?


      LTE is a data-only technology, so voice calls will run over our HSPA+ network until we have a Voice over LTE (VoLTE) solution in place.


      4G LTE network is built with the latest technology available and backed by a reliable and already blazing fast 4G network. That means that when 4G LTE is not available in a supported area, mobile devices will shift to a 4G network. This is in contrast to the steep drop-off in quality of experience provided by other carriers, which are often limited by overly congested 4G networks.


      4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) is an enhancement of Globe’s nationwide 4G HSPA+ technology. LTE delivers faster speeds—especially for uploads—and more capacity.


      •4G LTE network will operate on the same band as our 4G HSPA+ network, Band IV, which uses 1700 MHz and 2100 MHz frequencies to transmit data services.
      •4G LTE does not carry voice services, so calls will fall back to our HSPA+ network until voice over LTE (VoLTE) software is ready.
      •The 4G LTE experience will differ depending on several factors including spectrum configuration, device, coverage, and location


      LTE Requirements


      LTE Coverage: You must be in a location that has 4G LTE. Globe's 4G LTE will be available in limited locations at first and will expand further. More information on market availability will be updated when available.

      •LTE Device: The device must be an approved LTE device that supports LTE over Band IV.


      SIM Card: 4G LTE does require a capable SIM card to function. Most Globe SIM cards are LTE capable and Globe recommends using the SIM card that came with any newly purchased phones since they are compatible with network improvements and phone capabilities. Customers who have a Legacy SIM Card will need to replace their SIM Card to register on the Globe Network. Review the Purchasing SIM cards for more information.

      •APN: Globe 4G LTE phones will be preconfigured with the correct APN to use 4G LTE services.

      4G LTE deployment will complement its existing 4G network (HSPA+ 42) – which third party tests show already rivals or beats many existing LTE networks on its own – creating the fastest 4G combination. By building on an already competitive 4G experience with HSPA+ 42, they will be delivering a class leading 4G experience.

      All of the LTE devices will be able to access Globe's full network regardless of technology (2G/3G/4G/4G LTE). 


      Customers with LTE devices on LTE coverage will experience the fastest data speeds, but those without LTE access can still connect to our blazing fast 4G network via HSPA+ with theoretical speeds up to 42Mbps. If both 4G (HSPA+) and LTE are unavailable, users can still utilize our 3G or 2G networks to ensure they’re always connected wherever Globe has coverage.


      Will customers need to get a new SIM or will old ones work?


      Yes, they need to have an LTE ready SIM.

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          Its such a pain to get an LTE sim card, then the activation (took 7 days to activate LTE on 1 line for me and my other line is still not activated after 15 days), then finding out that LTE speeds are actually slower than the HSPA+ speeds.  If your getting good speeds with the regular HSPA+ signal, don't bother getting the LTE sim, not worth it for me.

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            good day sir/mam,


            i just want to ask something about lte. i have a original samsung galaxy note 3 from south korea and it is a "LTE-A"

            they said A stands for advance and they said it is more faster?..will it work here in the philippines if i put an globe lte simcard on my note 3? and is there a prepaid lte sim card available for globe and how much does it cost? 

            thank you so much.