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    Re-Contracting ISSUE

      GLOBE!!! wat is happening? My call was on May 18. it's already June 1 and i haven't receive any feedback from you guys! Your call Agent keep hanging me for 30mins to 1hr and all i can received from them is raised escalation which thank you very much it reached 4 times and until now your 48hrs always failed and no feedback from your Team! Come-on, can someone from your Team fix my re-contracting application? already sent email from the site to raise this issue. Should i send this to the Owner of Globe so that he/she can realize that simple problem can't handle by Support team. I'm sooooo disappointed! the last time i called, my line was dropped and your Agent didn't call me back! Wat the heck! i'm been paying my bills from you and i have a good record for 6yrs. Now you treating me like this? i'm sorry but i'm sooooo pissed-off! i'm asking your Agent kung ano ang Action Plan when it comes sa mga ganitong problemang... And they cannot answer my question. lagi nilang dinadahilan yung Solution Team. and oh by the way, who's these Solution Team they talking bout? how come they didn't provide any feedback or answer to the error on my account? I know ur doing ur job, but please, can you provide us the exact solution on our issue? I'm also working and handling client problem. But i rest asure that when it come to this kind of issue, i make sure that once i said 48hrs or 2 days SLA, i will provide solution or rather feedback on what happen to the concerns. i also receive any rude feedback from the client but i'm proactively solve the problem to prevent or worsen the issue. Later, i'm going to SM Annex branch. If i don't receive any solution to this, i'm sorry but i have to discontinue my line to your network and change it to Smart. i don't complain to your internet connection nor your network. but wat happened now, for my re-contracting. I won't let this past.
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          I understand your situation as I have experienced that several times in the past already. But mind you, this does not happen only to Globe but other telcos as well. Switching to another telco (as of now) may not be the right solution to your problem unless it is signal or network related. ( I also have postpaid subscriptions with Smart and Sun).


          You may want to be more specific with your concern so we may give you rips on how to address the issue and perhaps someone from Globe may check it from here.

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            Hi ChitoReyes, i don't wanna switch network but the fact that the service i'm receiving right now is terrible. how come globe cannot identify the problem? at least give me any reason why there is error on my account. Also, they should have alternative solution to push thru my request. hindi yung naghihintay ako sa wala. then nakaka lungkot nito, i haven't receive any feedback from 48hrs. I would appreciate if i receive any feedback from Globe Agent Team. it feels like they been raising escalation but none from Solution Team making any move. and calling 211 and asking the same question and holding ur for about 1-20mins it's a pain. i been 6yrs Globe user. Sana they value my loyalty not also from me, also from others. i been reading this blog and i saw a lot of complain, most of the complain is the Customer Service. I think they need to improve this and be more precise on what they doing not just raising ticket and leave it from the other Team. All i want is to renew my contract, increase my plan to 1799 and to get the free iphone5 for 30months lockin period. But they cannot process my request due to unknown error they been receiving on the system. And every time i call, they re-process my request pero yung period on the 1st request will be move to a new date. Can they just 1st identify the error then find any solution on this before making a nonsense request which will not be push thru? i think that would be much better rather creating a request and if they still receive an error, they will raise escalation which i haven't receive any feedback. Haaaay... kinda wasting my time on this, and it's been tiring calling 211 knowing nothing will happen on your request.
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              Sumakit ulo ko sa kakabasa. Request lang, in the future maglagay ng breaks between sentences if needed.

              Anyway, when reporting an Issue, it's best if detailed ang complaint.

              For example:

              Time of Call, Date of Call, Agent Name, Issue, Provided Resolution by Agent.

              Follow-up Date, Time of Follow-up, etc.

              All I can see kasi is yung disappointment mo and believe me, you're not the only one who has complaints. I've been with Globe for 13 years now, and there have been issues before that were not dealt according to my liking pero switching to another network has never been a solution that I thought of. Why? Because hindi lang naman Globe ang nagkaka issue. You said it yourself, you deal with clients as well, so you should know that there are certain solutions that can only be provided by people above you. The question however is, nung pag-relay sayo ng solution, naging okay ba?

              Or what ba nangyari nung nag follow-up ka?

              Again, these issues are best relayed here sa Globe Community if may data or facts.