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    Are Cell Sites Self-Sufficient?

      I am living in Pembo, Makati City for almost 2 years now. I moved here from Project 2, Quezon City.

      I noticed, when the power goes off (although not common) so as the 3G/2G signal. When power turns on again, it turns back on for 3-5 minutes. When I was in Quezon City, it never happened to me unless there's a strong typhoon.

      My question is: Are cell sites self-sufficient? At some point in time, I was told by an Engineer friend, cell sites are built-in with generators. If the power goes off, it is BAU - business as usual.

      Please enlighten me on this matter.

      Thank you. :smileyhappy:
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          "most" of the facilities of telco has industrial UPS and back up power generators that can withstand power interuption for 12hr  max. or even BAU but this is depending on the availibility of personnel around the base stations/tower who will constantly monitor the working condition of the facilities.





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            2 telcos have (contractor of Globe was one) sent proposals to us regarding their interest to build a cell tower. In both, they have provisions for back up power which ideally would be good for 8 hours.


            I would think though that different cell sites would have different power requirements depending on their size of transceivers, demand for service, environment and location (grid or off grid).

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              Hi Gibo, yes the cellsites are provided with a backup power system that allows it to continue providing service for a certain period of time after a blackout occurs. however, if the black out lasts longer than the backup power system (usually up to 4 hours) then the base station equipment will not have enough power to continue operating. Still is areas where telcos are allowed by the local community to install silent generators then the cell site can continue to operate throughout the blackout. Can you let us know where exactly in Proj 2 you are located in ? thanks