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    corporate postpaid for mobile internet


      hello to all;


      I have a corporate postpaid plan. Way back before when i click the internet in my phone, the net is activated. Without knowing, its an extra charge in my part. Now i dont try to net in my phone coz of this and i call the customer service to deactivate everything except call and text.


      Now, im planning to avail this mobile internet or supersurf.. What basically happens to this.

      1. If i register to supersurf, is there an extra charge? since this is corporate postpaid.

      2. or can anyone advise me...coz i dont want to use 2 phones or 2 sims..one for net and my postpaid.


      thanks in advance

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          Hi micro_xii,

          Welcome to the Globe Community. :smileyvery-happy:

          Let's talk about your issues one at a time.

          1) You have a corporate post paid account, I do not know what conditions you have with your employer. Better yet, ask them if you can do mobile internet on your phone. If the phone is issued to you for call and text, you have to pay for your data plan.

          2) If you decide to get the Super Surf, you may call the Hotline and have it added to your account. Don't forget ask Globe to enable your data connectity.

          3) You can definitely get SuperSurf on your phone. No need for an extra phone. My boss has a company issued Blackberry and he does all the talking, texting, email and surfing on his Bold Touch.

          Hope this helps. :smileyhappy:
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            You're welcome.

            Enjoy being Globe connected. Please mark this thread accordingly if I was able to resolve you issue.

            Happy Sunday. :smileyhappy: