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    Proof of billing (Bank Statement)


      Hi. I tried to apply for a postpaid plan this afternoon. Prior to going to the Globe Center, I checked the requirements online (http://www.globe.com.ph/postpaid-plan-application-requirements?jsid=BF357D1A37B1CC3B4C40DD07C75EB852.11370182061432).  For my proof of identification, I brought my ID (it doesn't have my address). For the proof of billing address and proof of income, I brought my bank statement. Those are the only things that I brought because those were the requirements that I saw on the page na papasa naman na sa three requirements. However, when I went there this afternoon, they didn't process my application because they need a different proof of billing address (like a postal id). The CS told me that the bank statement does not qualify for proof of billing address. I got frustrated because on their website, a bank statement can be used as such. Nakakainis lang kasi bakit nakalagay pa sa website nila kung hindi naman pala pwede. It was such a hassle kasi kailangan ko na namang bumalik para lang dun.

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          Sometimes we merely look at what is stated and not the intent of the documents required. I have to agree that there seeems to be a lack of explicitness in the person who made the website and I myself would disagree on its seeming simplicity.


          There are actually 3 things to be validated before approval:


          1. You are the person you claim to be... how? A government issued ID (Passport, Driver's license, etc) would be the strongest, then a company/school ID and anything official which could validate your identity (not a National bookstore bought ID which anyone can readily fill out)


          2. Proof of Income and Capability... how? something to show that you can sustain the monthly bills...ITR, credit card statements for the past 3 months. Bank statement may be weak as it only shows the money you have for that particular month which you could easily withdraw anytime.


          3. Proof of Billing... something to show that your claimed address is CONSTANTLY being used to collect from you or bill you and not just an address where mail could be delivered.


          Hope this helps.