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    What CUSTOMERS CAN DO to experience Better Customer Service


      This thread is NOT what Globe can do to improve its customer service (as started by Gibo and in http://community.globe.com.ph/t5/General-Discussion/WHAT-CAN-YOU-SUGGEST-TO-BETTER-IMPROVE-THE-CUSTOMER-EXPERIENCE/m-p/10506#M400) but rather what WE AS CUSTOMERS CAN DO to make it a better experience so our concerns could be addressed accordingly.


      We always blame Globe for its bad customer service... some even say they the company has the worst customer service among the telcos. We would like to believe this perception specially if our concerns are not addressed in the time we expect them to be. Truly, there is more to be desired for but we can also do our part in trying to make things easier to the people handling our concerns.


      From my personal experience, here are tips on dealing with Globe's Customer Service so our concerns could be addressed accordingly:


      1. When making a call to Globe, make sure you write down the name (or ID) of the person you are talking to, the date and the time and the reason why you are calling. Write down too the action to be taken and the reference number and the number of hours expected before you can receive feedback. I usually write these down on the paper bill that Globe sends to me ( I refuse to go paperless if only for this reason).


      2. Be courteous to the person you are talking to understanding that they are tasked to receive our rants and the more we treat them as animals, the more they could delay the service we expect... After all, just like us, they are just human beings with feelings though trained and expected to have a higher tolerance level. Rudeness will not take us anywhere and may worsen the situation.


      3. Try to let them sympathize with you, letting them feel how you feel being fellow Globe subscribers (basic assumption that they are).


      4. Request to the point of pleading making it clear to them that you have been a subscriber for x number of years (19 in my case) and never as in NEVER were they on time in fulfilling their commitment for feedback (24 to 48 hours is actually a standard answer... it may take weeks before any feedback could be given.)


      5. In relation to #4, do not expect them to be on time... it will make you feel frustrated. Exercise patience as patience is a virtue and if you are religious (just like me), expect to go to heaven because of this. Just the same, patience is a trait you need to have when starting a family and having children though children are better as you can tell them what to do and they will follow without being paid.


      6. CSRs are frontliners and the upper management's defense against their own failures, blunders and denials. Our concerns actually get through but more often than not the CSRs hands are tied because the upper management does not take action or would set them aside until the complaints reach a critical point or are instructed to do so by somebody higher than they are. Believe me this is one of the reasons why I lasted.


      7. As I said in the other thread, it would be a great help if you knew somebody high from the inside... oh DO mention to them that this CSR had been helping you ... CSRs feel good when the top honchos recognize their efforts.


      8. Give Globe a chance to redeem themselves... forgive (but not forget) if the problem had been resolved (I had an issue in Feb. 2001 which was resolved in late 2005... 5 years!). We feel angry because we feel that we have been taken advantaged of... give them that benefit of doubt and just think of how we could maximize our money's worth.
      9. When calling to follow up, mention the reference number which was given to you weeks before. Rather than you mentioning the problem, ask them what is stated in that reference number to check if your concern was reported right. Again, have the patience to correct it if it was reported wrongly and be ready to start from square 1. Fault yourself that you should have done this (letting them read the report) right from the moment they were documenting it.


      10. Always say Thank You and just challenge them to change your perception on how bad Globe Customer Service is.


      11. If concerns are not addressed at a slightly unreasonable delayed time, write an official letter to the person in authority directly responsible for your concern. You would be needing your contacts inside to know their real names as CSRs are not privy to disclose them. Send via messenger with a signed received copy for your files or send via registered mail and get proof of receipt. You may want to copy furnish NTC, leading newspapers or even bloggers, telco fora, and any form of publicity etc.


      12. In the same way, write to these agencies if your concern was addressed exceptionally well.


      13. Globe, just like any company, is run by people who have different traits, characteristics, attitudes and even interests. The more we understand them, the better we could be addressed.


      Your tips?