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    GLOBE 4G Superstick


      Im planning to avail of the globe 4g superstick -postpaid, however, I'm a bitb worried If I can still connect to the internet if I'm located in 3G area. Would I just get slower internet speed or I wont be able to connect at all since I'm not in a 4G area?


      As I remember before in the US when their ISP market is trying to shift from 3G to 4G, if you have a 4g device, you can only browse the net if youre located in a 4g area. They have dual devices that can connect both 3g and 4g, but the connection for 3g has a 3GB cap and you will be charged on top of your plan if you exceed that cap. 

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          Hi rdguadalupe,

          These are my suggestions:

          1) Wait for Globe's LTE to be available in your location if you decide to go wireless.

          2) You might consider getting Globe Broadband or WiMax if you're strugging with the 3 GB cap each month.

          3) Try to shop around. :smileyvery-happy:

          Go lang ng Go.
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            LTE is a data-only technology, so voice calls will run over our HSPA+ network until we have a Voice over LTE (VoLTE) solution in place.


            4G LTE network is built with the latest technology available and backed by a reliable and already blazing fast 4G network. That means that when 4G LTE is not available in a supported area, mobile devices will shift to a 4G network. This is in contrast to the steep drop-off in quality of experience provided by other carriers, which are often limited by overly congested 4G networks.


            4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) is an enhancement of Globe’s nationwide 4G HSPA+ technology. LTE delivers faster speeds—especially for uploads—and more capacity.


            •4G LTE network will operate on the same band as our 4G HSPA+ network, Band IV, which uses 1700 MHz and 2100 MHz frequencies to transmit data services.


            •4G LTE does not carry voice services, so calls will fall back to our HSPA+ network until voice over LTE (VoLTE) software is ready.


            •The 4G LTE experience will differ depending on several factors including spectrum configuration, device, coverage, and location




            (Info below is courtesy of Demerok)


            But technically speaking 4G superstick is not 4G. But on the other end it is considered as


            4G GPRS = 2G

            EDGE = 2.5G

            WCDMA = 3G

            HSDPA = 3.5G

            HSPA+ = 3.9G




            LTE = 4G

            WIMAX v1 = 4G

            WIMAX v2 = 4G