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    Loyalty Program


      Hi Globe!


      I am hoping someone will finally help me with my issue. It's about renewing my postpaid contract with Globe.


      I'll use bullet points for easy reference.


      - When I was browsing Globe's website, I saw this that "If you are renewing your contract, please call (02) 730 1300" and I immediately called that number on May 2nd at around 6:20pm.  I was able to talk to Gino. He was accommodating to answer my renewal of contract concerns. He said I can already renew my super plan (P999, consumable). I asked him if I can get iPhone 5 (16gb) as my new phone. He said, yes and with cashout of P19,000 and it will be delivered at my residence within 3-5 days.  I asked him if I can do installment for this monthly through my bill and he also said, yes.  He also said that I need to add P99.00 data plan for this for it to work. He checked on my record and advised me that I need to settle first P1,238.90 before I can renew my contract.  I asked him if he has a reference number but he said it was already documented and once I made a payment, I just have to call back the next day.  After that, I went to Globe Greenbelt 3 and paid P1,250.00 for it.
      - I called back the same hotline and I talked to Gabby. I told her about my conversation with Gino.  She said, I cannot avail of the iPhone 5. One of her justifications was iPhone 5 can only be used for UnliSurf, not for consumable plan.  That made me a upset because iPhone 5 should work as a mobile phone, not as iPad that needs connectivity.  I told her why did Gino tell me that I can avail of iPhone 5 without any hassle.  Instead of coming up with a resolution, she said "She will escalate this issue and have Gino call you (me) within 24 hours."
      - Until now (June 4), no one from Globe called me, not even Gino or Gabby. It has been a month now and I am very unhappy with this.
      I don't want to get irate with this and really, this is a simple issue yet it is not being attended to. I don't want to have an impression that Globe do not value customers like me.
      Thank you!
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          Hello, Gerard_Guerrero.


          I understand your situation and you have all the right to be irate.  (Scream and Shout and Let it All Out, if you must).


          I will try to give you the #BestEverAdvice to help you with your concern.


          You mentioned that you are renewing your contract, I guess that you are under an old plan and you may need to migrate to the new #BestEverMySuperPlan.


          I suggest you visit this link



          and Click a Plan. Dont mind the "If you are renewing your contract, please call (02) 730 1300" message. (It will not bite, promise)


          Create a plan, Choose Plan 999 which has a 1700 PV/mo  (or Plan 1799 or any other plan) then choose the gadget that you want, Iphone 5 16GB  (#GlobeBlackBerryZ10withLTE or any other smartphone) under the Gadgets with Cashout.


          You will notice that for Iphone 5 16GB for 600 PV/mo , there's a P19,200 cash out

          and it has a signal mark on the Gadget which means that the Gadget requires an internet Combo or a booster.


          You are required to choose between Surf 50MB for 99 PV/mo or Unli Surf for 999 PV/mo


          Just a recap.


          your Peso Value is 1,700 for Plan 999

          Iphone 5 16GB  PV is 600, which means you only have 1,100 PV for Combos.

          If you decide to get the Unli Surf Combo with 999 PV, you only have 101 remaining which you can use as a consumable or add another combo with a PV of at least 99.


          If you decide to get the Surf 50MB with 99 PV, you can use the remaining 1001 for additional combos or as consumable.


          If you already decided on the plan, gadget and combos that you want, you may now call the Loyalty Hotline, you may call 211 and ask them to route your call to the Loyalty Department or visit any Globe Store.


          As for your complaint for the misinformation and delayed feedback, you may inquire about this during your call to the hotline or visit to the Globe Store.  But, please do this after your contract renewal has been finalized.


          I understand that this is a very simple issue and yet Globe creatures from the hotline simply failed miserably in handling your concern.


          P.S. Peso Value and or Cashout and or Handset Availability are subject to change with prior notice.



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              I am very frustrated with the service of Globe.   Being a Globe subscriber for over 10 years I tried to avail of your loyalty program an get an iphone 5s.  I called your hotline and the Globe representative got all my details and I was even made to wait more than 5 minutes while a reference number was being generated.  I asked that the handset be delivered to the Globe Quezon Avenue branch and I was told I could pick it up in 3-5 working days.  I was even asked to choose a color so I thought everything was ok. 


              I go to the Globe branch after 5 working days and was told I should wait for a text from the store when the phone is ready for pick up because the promised delivery date of 3-5 working days  is not definite.  I decided to use the inhouse Globe phone to talk to a customer service representative to track my phone just to find out  after waiting for more than 5 minutes on the other line that there never was a phone scheduled to be delivered to the store for me.  I was told an error occurred and I would have to apply all over again and wait another 3-5 working days.  Needless to say I was very disappointed of the very poor service of Globe because you did not even have the curtesy to inform me beforehand of the error and i could have waited a year and never get my handset if I didn't call again.  To add to my frustration while I was talking to the Globe representative using your in-house phone there was suddenly a lot of static and we got cut off.  Another problem I have been having with my Globe line is the signal is very bad and I get cut off a lot of times but for this to happen at a Globe store where your signal should be good just blew me away. 


              Never did I expect it to be so difficult to avail of your loyalty program & the long waiting time when you call is very irritating and the uncertainty of not knowing how long you will have to wait to get a handset despite having stock on hand when you talk to a Globe representative adds fuel to the fire.  After talking to my friend who also tried to avail of a new handset using his Globe loyalty program and being promised a delivery date  last Dec 24 and up to now is still waiting for his phone, I have a good mind to cancel my Globe subscription in the next few days and switch to another carrier who offers better customer service.