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    Hidden charges

      i avail Globe dsl plan 999... and my bill is 1041pesos.... "For the first bill it's composed of the following your prorated charge this is your usage from the service has been started up to the billing cut off dated 05/03/13-05/26/13 amounting to 690.55Php (vat exclusive) ,monthly service fee amounting to 891.96Php (vat exclusive) and amortized installation fee amounting to 297.62Php (vat exclusive) and the total is amounting to 1,880.13Php. Less the rebate the total would be 1,821.49Php plus the vat amounting to 218.58Php and your bill for 1st bill is amounting to 2,040.07Php. para san yung binayaran kong 1000 installation fee upon installing... tapus may 297.62php pa na amortized installation fee? thats for 3 months daw....