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    Globe Online Application for S4 approval


      I submited my application for Postpaid Samsung s4 plan 1799 last May 27, then last May 29 a globe personnel YCAY sent a sms about the requirements, on that day a sumnitted all my requirements COE, Payslips, Company ID, also on that day she called and interviewed me for some details after that so told me that she will process it to the credit dept i just need to wait for 2 - 3 days. Then May 31 a male globe personel called me he told me that he was on credit dep he check my info for verification and i need to wait tomorrow that day to recieve a call from them to check the schedule of the delivery of the said item. But until know i dont recieve any feedback, sms, email or call from the GLOBE personnel. I dont know what happen to my application status. How does it usually takes for the online application? I hope someone here @ globe will reply or give me updates on my application Tnx

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          Hello, mikebenitez.


          I am surprised that you a got relatively fast response from the the Credit Department.


          Btw, did they tell you if they are done with the Credit Investigation? If yes, maybe the handset is not available at the moment.


          You may call the Globe Sales Hotline, 730 1010 and make a follow up.  Ask them to give a feedback on or before Thursday.


          Or you may visit any Globe Store and apply there.  Just bring One Day Processing Documents, if available, like Credit Card, Credit Card Statements, and government issued ID. If you are lucky, you can get your new handset and wait for another 24-48 hours for your line to get activated.


          Credit Investigation normally take 2-3 Days, the Credit Team needs to call your HR to verify your existence and compensation. So, they normally prefer One Day Processing Documents.


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              Hi WILLfindways,


              The male globe agent from credit didnt tell me if they are done investigating.. He just said i need to wait tomorrow the day he called that is saturday for the schedule of the delivery i dont know what the cause of delay but no one called until today. OK maybe ill be waiting for a couple of days. Also i will try to call your sales hotline..

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              I have experienced the same thing but worse. I have submitted the following requirements as well and also was called for the interview. They also have called our landline to confirm and did so. After that i never received any follow calls nor emails. I have called the CS line roughly around 6-7 times and was provided the same feedback over and over again.


              It's quite disappointing to be given Golden Promises with a Silver Tongue. All that i wanted to know is if my application was approved or denied.


              Kind Regards,

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                ITS almost 3days wla parin un unit but gnun ilang days ba bago e deliver?