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    Slow Internet Connection


       Im playing online FPS game named Special Force and there was an advisory released by them . Then hindi ako makaconnect sa kanila kanina pang 6pm .  Sabi nila gumawa daw ako ng tracert report para maipakita ko sa na inyo na talagang may problema ang connection ng globe sa kanila . 





      tignan  niyo na lang po ung link . Salamat po 

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          Are you a PLDT subscriber?


          If yes, It seems that there is a problem with your account. Try to have it with them


          If no, It surely be a problem. The one you pinged is located on the Other ISP Network which is PLDT. You may try to raise this concern to globe as they could make the interchange network to that ISP much better

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            guys ask q lng my prob b globe ngaun?dhil sa bagyo?kz matagal n rin aq sa globe 2mbps plan q ngaun q lng naencounter ung 0.70 na DL speed....my advisory ba globe?

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              I also experience noobme's problems recently, for like 2-3 weeks now. Got 0.20 - 0.40 DL on speedtest and high pings. I use their talk2globe CHAT, techs called and "kind of" fix my problem. Usually I get 3.1+ - 3.3+ DL speed before these problems occured but my speed right now is constantly @ 2.5+ DL speed. It doesn't reach anymore to 3.1+ Mbps. Even my torrent speed is only at 250 - 270 KB/s.


              I'm disappointed right now, max/cap speed on my torrent should be 375 KB/s or at least 300+ speeds when I'm downloading. The technicians even told me on the phone that 2.5+ Mbps DL speed is the 3 Mbps I subscribe...really...smh. But I didn't bother chatting with them again coz I keep on calling them for the last several weeks.


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                We recently upgraded from 3mbps to 5mbps. Guess what? It's much slower than before. I should be getting at least half of the 5mbps to say that the service is acceptable.


                There is a Layer 2 or Layer 3 issue that needs to be addressed and I am not receiving any feedback from Globe on how they are addressing this.


                As a loyal subscriber, please fix this.


                My previouse speedtest:


                0.77mbps/0.82mbps; 1.29mbps/0.85mbps; 0.37mbps/0.28


                0.04mbps/0.21mbps; 0.66mbps/0.82mbps; 1.69mbps/0.74mbps



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                    Hi! It needs restrart or reset. Please ask the techician coming to your house on a onsite visit and if it still not working have a repeated ticket for their team to get alarmed



                    @York - It is because that globe main I.P pool is set at Luzon. So some parts of Visayas and rare parts of mindanao can expirience this. Thus all wimax and some DSL is dynamic i.p so they are going to exchange available i.p in every restart or in every time the ISP reset their I.P pool

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                        Are you using P2P (Peer to Peer) file sharing programs? If so then try turning the file sharing program off, as file sharing programs use up alot of bandwidth..First of all try clearing cookies,browser history and cache,avoid running electronic devices at once,upgrade your modem or router to a newer model and have a periodic check in your modem ventilation, or do you use P2P (Peer to Peer) file sharing programs? If so then try turning the file sharing program off, as file sharing programs use up allot of bandwidth some broadband providers limit the speed you can use the internet if you are using file sharing programs.

                        If you turn off the file sharing program your broadband speed goes back to normal .

                        I faced the same problem ,after doing this i checked my speed from Scanmyspeed.com apparently my internet speed is faster than before.
                        If these doesn't apply ,there is a chance you may have a virus on your computer. A computer virus is likely to not just slow your broadband and Internet down but your computer too.