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      *after two years contract sa plan ko pwedeng mapalitan yong phone ko for free?? :smileyhappy: kahit na cut na sya minsan?? hehe.

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          You may by renewing your contract

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            Yes. You can get a free phone if you will be renewing your contract. You may opt to upgrade to a different plan as well for better phone available.
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              Hi mr-marbin,

              Globe customers are tied-up to a two-year contract (at times, 30 months). After 2 years of continuous service, we are eligible for an upgrade.

              You mentioned, the line was cut in the past. You have to count the numbers of months that your service is active. If it totals to 24 months, you're are good to go.

              You may call the Hotline to talk to the Rewards or Loyalty Department. Please note, not all phones are for free. Some may require a cash-out. Ask them for more details about the phone of your choice.

              Hope this helps. :smileyhappy: