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    Online Payment Problems?


      Hello, everyone. I'm just wondering if anyone else experienced having problems when they paid via the Globe website. I made a payment of almost P4,000 last May 22 via Globe's payment page using my VISA card. The payment went through, it reflected on my card statement, and I received an e-mail confirming the payment. My line also got reconnected because during that time, my line was temporarily disconnected. 


      Yesterday, I called the Globe hotline to inquire about my balance for this month. I was surprised when the recording mentioned that the last payment received was March :smileysad:. So I spoke with an agent, and the agent told me that the payment has not been posted yet. It has been more than 10 days, and still the payment didn't post. 


      Right now, I don't know if the site's online payment option is reliable enough... huhu! Anyone else experienced this? :smileysad:. I mean, I've been paying online using the same card for the past 3 months and there hasn't been any problems until now. 

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          Hi MercBagtas,

          I'm sorry to hear about this issue with your online payment.

          I don't pay online using my CC. I have my BPI Express Online account. I use their app on my phone for my bill payments and electronic transfers.

          We can't tell if the network enhancement impacted this payment you made in the Globe website. Since you have an email confirmation of the payment and the CC bill - these will serve as a proof that you indeed made the payment.

          Let's wait for the payment to post or if you have time, please visit a Globe Business Center and present them your paper works.

          I am positive, the posting of your payment is delayed.

          Hope this helps.

          Nota Bene: Just a segue, this is my 100th message in the Globe Community. :smileyvery-happy:
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            I haven't used the Globe website for online payment however I used BPI app before and there's no problem regarding my payments.

            Meron ka pa bang copy ng payment mo using Globe website? Do you have the tracking no. or receipt number? You can update your payment by calling Globe Hotline, give your tracking #/Receipt # confirming that you have paid the said amount on the said dates to update your records too. Matagal minsan mapost ang payment pero given the receipt #, it will be processed faster than just waiting for it to be posted. Besides nagkaroon ng glitch ang website ng globe last month so I guess that was one of the problem why your payment isn't posted yet.

            Or, you may want to print your receipts and visit Globe Center near you to fix your issues with your payment.
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              I have also encountered online payments problems with Globe.


              I tried paying an amount of almost 4K with my credit card, but after entering all my CC details, an error flashed on my screen, saying that transaction cannot be processed at the moment. I did it 3 more times, and the same error showed up.


              Then when I checked my email later that afternoon, I found out that every single one of those transactions actually succeeded, thus, I received 4 payment receipts. I checked my CC balance and indeed they were all credited.


              I was so furious that I immediately contacted a Globe customer service rep online, and at first the rep was saying that refunding was NOT POSSIBLE, and that they can only carry over the excess amount to the next billing statements. I insisted that it was the Globe system's fault and that's the only time they actually considered refunding me. After being forwarded to a different department and stating everything again to the agent, I was promised a refund. Good thing they really kept their word, or I would've terminated my services with them.


              So another lesson with online payments is to always check your mail to know if payments were credited.



              I'm actually trying to pay my bill right now, but unfortunately, no matter how I enter my globe number in the online bills payment section, I am always getting an error that the number was invalid. This is really one buggy system.


              So the only lesson left here is to not use their online payment until Globe can assure us that it is at least 50% more reliable than it is right now.


              - an unsatisfied online payment user

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                  This is one of the most frustrating policy of Globe. Customers carry the burden of their inefficient and bug-ful system. We are talking about money here and once charged in one's CC, you cannot do anything about it but to dispute it with your bank. While the customer is furious, Globe on the other hand is relaxing knowing that its customer has paid a month or more in advance. My card issuing bank has been aware of this error from Globe and once a call for dispute, the bank will grant my request. Double charging is a violation i must say. Laws and regulations sanction this but the law enforcers have been silent about this due to the fact that customers are not complaining to the right authorities.


                  Just learn from experiences. The convenience you get in paying online will double your frustration with Globe. I made it a habit to make time in visiting a Globe store twice a month for payment and other updates. Over the counter payment is always safe and secure. May mumurahin ka pang cashier pag nag double charge ang card mo hehe...

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                  Paying globe bill by credit card internationally only accepts from US, Australia, Singapore  but not from Europe?  why??  I wanna pay my globe Bill via mastercard and I'm in the Netherlands I always got an error .  What will be the best solution for this problem