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    Where to escalate issues?


      Hello everyone!


      I'm hoping I could get some answers here. I subscribed for Globe Tattoo Elite plan 2499 (LTE capable wifi stick).

      But the gadget that was delivered was a superstick4g. According to Globe Market Market store, I should call the HOTLINE to report the issue & request a replacement since that's how I applied for the plan.


      I called the hotline several times, an account specialist would take my call, then transfer me over to Sales. Sales would then transfer me back to an account sepcialist, and will just bounce me back to sales. I even sent an email to [email protected] but i didnt even get an acknowledgment that they would look into it.


      I've been trying all week long (since the gadet deliveryon May 31) to have this resolved but nada. :smileyfrustrated:



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          Hello, jayngarcia.


          I feel for you.


          Visit any Globe Store.  Of course bring the (good for nothing) superstick4g stick.


          Insist that they replace the stick right away (if it is available) If they refused, call me, maybe.


          And demand an apology (letter) from them.


          Stupidity is common in this universe. Even in Globe Telecom.



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            Hi jayngarcia & WILLfindwayd,

            This makes me upset with Globe. Their customers are being referred from one channel/department to another. Globe can't get their acts together. The left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing.

            When I applied for the iPhone 4S on January 2012, I was transferred from Sales to Customer Service back to Sales and to Technical Support (what the tooooooot). Good thing they did not transfer me to the Corporate Office. I could have cursed them.

            I hope Customer Experience will be better after the modernization. Review your M&P's, come up with a Knowledge Management System, better Training and Development Team and among others.
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                Hello, Gibo.


                "the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing."


                "But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing,"


                I think Globe is following this verse from Matthew


                Anyway, they cannot transfer you to the Corporate Office even if you want to.  They will tell you that have no other means of communication with the other parts of the universe except via email.


                I seriously do not accept this spiel. 


                You know what, there should be a post about the Useless Spiels in the Hotline.


                I will include "Mr. WILL Benedict, can I place the call on hold for two minutes while I pull out your account"

                (Seriously? Why do you need to place the call on hold? Just to listen to the canned music? Will it improve the Customer Experience)


                And "Thank you for waiting, Mr. WILL Benedict. I am sorry but my supervisor is currently engaged in the other line"

                (Engaged? Everytime I ask for your suppervisor, the creature is engaged?)


                Keep Calm WILL. Keep Calm.