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    about transfering of an account,please help me.


      i have already an account  and i want to avail a 1799 plan. can i transfer an account to another person so i can avail the plan?i have my credit limit of 2000 if so, how long will i wait so i can avail another plan after transferring an account?

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          Yes you can asuming of course that the person who would assume your plan is qualified to continue your plan.


          Aside from the Transfer of Ownership form, the person assuming your account would have to submit copies of valid ID, proof of billing and proof of financial capability.


          You did not mention how much your present plan nor if it is still in the lock-in period.


          If your present plan is lower than P1,799 then you could just apply for an upgrade of plan rather than getting a new subscription UNLESS you feel that a new subscription has a better offer.