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    bill dispute


      we are at plan 1099 it includes unlimited calling to globe and 1mbps for internet the signal is too weak!! in to our landline and we were shocked after receiveing are bill it was 3381php!! we cant even use the landline if its needed nobody can reach us as well on our home phone because of the poor signal and now we were billed for 3381php!! its unacceptable tried to call customer service tried to get hold of the chat but because of our poor internet connection we cant even pull it up can anyone explain what the hells going on on our bill!! kind a disappointing 

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          is it DSL? and is it you first bill?
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            Hello, HessaGabasa.


            I understand your frustrations.


            Am I correct in my understanding that your ultimate concern is your bill amouting to Php3381?


            I would like to understand why do you think the billed amountit is unacceptable.  You did not mention if there are items in your bill that were charged erroneously.


            Did you try to look closely at your billing statement?  Your billing statement should reflect why you were billed with such amount.

            Regardless of the (weak) internet signal that you are getting and whether you can or cannot use your landline at home, Globe should bill you correctly.


            But if you are complaining about the (weak) internet signal and nobody can't reach you via your landline, please let Globe be aware of your of these concerns so they can act on them accordingly.


            If you think you don't need to to pay for your monthly bill, tell them and let them lead the way.  


            Show them all the concerns you have inside. Give yourself a sense of pride. And to make it easier, let the children's laughter remind us how we used to be.


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