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    Why LoadTipid Plan can't be upgraded to another plan.



      I CANNOT understand why LoadTipid plan can't be upgraded to another plan. I have Loadtipid Plan 800 - 14months and would like to upgrade to Plan 999 unlisurf and am told they CANNOT.


      When I got the plan I had BB 9320 and now, this phone is offered at lower plan. So, I CANNOT understand why they cannot change it to a higher plan. Am not expecting to get a new phone with the upgrade. I just want it unlisurf instead than the usual 800 load allocation a month.

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          Hello, RoyceArellano.


          You should have asked the creature you talk to why it is not possible.


          You had your chance.  Remember, Ask and you shall receive.  Seek and you shall find.


          Anyway, it may not be possible probably because your Loan Tipid Plan 800 is under the previous plan.  You may need to finish your existing contract  to upgrade or migrate to the new #BestEverMySuperPlan.


            • If I am an existing Postpaid subscriber, can I apply for the Best-ever My Super Plan?

             Yes! If you are an existing Globe Postpaid subscriber, remember that:

          • You are not required to shift to the Best-Ever My Super Plan
          • You may choose to shift (upgrade or switch to relatively the same plan level if you're a ‘line only' subscriber), downgrade (provided you are outside contract).
          • You will be able to retain your current mobile number.




          I hope you CAN now understand.





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            Hi RoyceArellano,

            I have the same plan as yours. When they launched S4, I wanted to upgrade my plan but was told that it's not possible. So I applied for a different plan instead.

            Here's the thing, Load Tipid Plan is technically a prepaid subscription bundled with the convenience of a postpaid as Globe is allocating a fixed load monthly.

            I believe, on Globe's database, our SIMs are still categorized under prepaid. This is my assumption as Globe postpaid SIMs have a specific format (e.g. 09179xxx, 09175xxx).

            If you insist of availing the UnliSurf 999, you may just load up additional P200 on top of your fixed monthly P800 plan then register to SuperSurf, Globe prepaid's counterpart of UnliSurf. Text SUPERSURF999 to 8888.