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    LTE Postpaid Activation




      We have a corporate account and last Feb 19, I requested for LTE activation for my iPhone 5through our account manager.  After sending me a new SIM card and weeks of assuring me it was on process and he didn't know what the problem was, even patched me through with service/support, I got irritated and decided to call the hotline instead.  I found out, April something when I called, that there was NO request for activation so the CSR did it for me.


      Fast forward to today, June 6.  I have Reference No. 50174443, have made three calls to your hotlines, have had 5 Globe twitter people "personally" follow up my case, telling me to "be rest assured that it will be resolved".  And still, no LTE.  Please take note that this isn't a problem with my phone or settings because each call or follow up from me, the CSR/twitter girl or guy would check your system and report that LTE has really NOT BEEN ACTIVATED yet for some reason.


      Can someone tell me what's going on here?  Should I still expect LTE to be activated?  Why is it so hard to activate LTE?  Why can no one provide an answer to my question as to what's happening?

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          Hello, mvelasco.


          I had the same experience when I got my #GlobeBlackBerryZ10withLTE in March. But I only waited for less than a week to have my LTE activated. 


          Fast forward, please try to visit any Globe Store and ask them to activate your LTE. I recommend Greenbelt 4 and Glorietta 3.


          Tell them with all your might that you want the LTE activated within the same day or else, I WILL call their Manager Maricel.


          They should find ways to help you. 


          And finally, file a complaint against your account manager.


          P.S. You must be over flowing with patience. I envy you kasi ang pasensya ko sa Globe Konting konti na lang.