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    Account Consolidation.. Help.. Question...Help

      guys need your help.. i have a question... i have a superduo plan w/c i got last feb 2013..now im planning to get S4 at plan 1799 is it possible to consolidate my existing duo account w the plan 1799 pag joint ko sila dalawa?? pra isa number n lang..???
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          No its not possible. If you got your superduo plan with a gadget/device, you need to early terminate your account and pay the gadgets full amount. Once settled, you can then take advantage of the plan 1799 with an S4.


          For more information, you can call the retention department by dialling 211 using your handset or 730-2000 via landline.

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            d nmn discnct or i terminate yung existing account.. gusto ko lng pag samahin sila s isa number sana parang 1799+599.. hassle kc iba iba number or 2phones gamitin. how about 2existing subscrptn n w/in contrct.pwede kaya??? sayang kc yung duo eh kinuha ko to kc for my gf under my name eh nag break kmi binalik nya saakin eh willing nmn ako ituloy, eh gusto ko din ng S4 ano kya best way gawin??
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                Ewan ko lang kung pwede na i-upgrade ang Plan 599 mo sa "Best Ever chenes" na Plan 1799 at ikaw ay makakakuha ng 3200 Peso value na pwede mong i-apply sa S4 na iyong ninanais.


                Ang S4 ay may 1,100 PV sa 30 months o 1,100 PV at Php 4,800 cash out sa 24 months. Yung tirang PV 2100 (3200 minus 1,100) ay pwede mo nang i-apply sa mga combo na gusto mo (ulimited surfing 999, etc) at dagdagan mo pa ng booster.


                Kung di ito posible, hanap ka na lang ng ibang gf na mapapagbigyan... pareho pa kayong masisiyahan :smileyvery-happy: 

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                ganda ng suggestion ni chitoreyes, tama sya hanap ka ng gf para may pagbibigyan ka ulit ng line na binalik sayo ng ex mo.


                anu naman kaya suggestion ni willfindways dito... abang aba ako maganda din kase mag suggest yun eh.

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                  hello, ghee_ehm.


                  I feel sorry for your girl friend's loss.  And I feel a little sorry for you for ever getting a plan for your girl friend.


                  Anyway, past is past. I hope you have learned your lessons.


                  Moving on with your concern, I think a creature named ChitoReyes was able to "Add On" a "BestEverMySuperPlan to his existing plan.




                  You can inquire with a sales specialist in the Globe Store if you can add on the Plan 1799 to your exisiting SuperDuo 599 plan.


                  But please take note that this may not work for you.  Manage your expectations. Inform Globe about your concerns and let them lead the way.


                  Hahahahave a nice day!





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                    Haha inaabangan ko din comment ni creature WILL..may CD ka ba jan? or kung ano mang chenes?


                    Hi ghee_ehm merging two Plans is not possible



                    1. if you really want S4 you can buy without getting a Plan, most store now offer 6-24 months installment through credit card. 

                    2. Get another Plan to avail S4 - kaso 2 Plan ka na nun

                    3. Terminate your current Plan - hindi mo na maco-continue yung current number at account mo, expect termination Fees

                    4. Recontracting - same number same account, but be mindful of the early recontracting fees.


                    For further assitance Call Globe or Visit any Globe Store ^_^