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    bill rebate not posted for 6months

      due to modernazation my rebate was not posted for 6moaths now so I am paying more
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          Same thing I found out some 3 days ago when bill rebates for 16 months were not applied. it was a good thing that I had my reference number intact when I opted to renew my contract 16 months ago and this served as basis for applying the whole amount to my next billing statement.


          Just call 211 (mobile) or 7301000 (landline) and go to option on inquiring about rewards, renewing contract. Tell them of your situation and if verified, Globe would apply the total of the rebates you did not get in the next billing statement.


          In my case, they told me that the 17th month would not anymore reflect any other rebate except on the total of their past rebates and therefore would free me from what was supposed to be a 24 month lock in period. Instead, they offered a higher amount of bill rebates if I would lock myself with Globe for the next 24 months.


          The CSR who accomodated me was Vera.

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            Hi leonida1979,

            I agree to what ChitoReyes said.

            If they were not able to apply the rebate, call them and have them apply it for the next bill cycle. It must be retroactive.

            Call the Rewards or Loyalty Team and escalate the issue to a Supervisor. Ask for the agent's name or ID number and ask for a reference number. Everytime you call Globe, I strongly suggest to document everything to save your *ss.

            Dispute lang ng dispute. LOL.
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              You're welcome!

              Please feel free to post your questions. We are here to help. :smileyvery-happy:

              Happy Weekend.