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    Gservices iOS problems


      Hi Globe,


      I'm having problems accessing my postpaid acocunt on the globe.com.ph site and also on the Gservices app on iOS. When I register my number on the globe website, an error occurs saying "We cannot find the account you are trying to enroll. Please check your entry and try again.". And also when I'm trying to access my account using the iOS app it says "For your newly activated numbers, please wait for 48 hours prior to enrollment.". 


      I'm on my 2nd month with my postpaid plan and it should be okay by now. Any help please?

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          Hey @Jeffabe3. We're still fixing the issue on GServices. We'll put up an announcement once ready for new accounts. Thanks for raising this concern.
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              I was able to talk with someone from the technical support but he didn't also know about it. I'm having a hard time enrolling my postpaid account but the prompt always says, "For newly activated numbers, please wait for 48 hours prior to enrollment". And my account has already been active for more than 48 hours. I hope this will be fixed as soon as possible because this app is a great avenue for globe to extend its awesome services to globe subscribers. Thank you.