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    How can I check status of activation for 4G nano SIM?


      I try to activate my new nano SIM card for LTE, and I followed instraction from below..

      • STEP 1. Activate your new LTE Nano SIM by dialling 2200 toll-free using your Globe mobile phone.
      • STEP 2. Provide your 11-digit mobile number. This will be required before we can proceed with the activation.
      • STEP 3. Provide the 16-digit SIM serial number you wish to activate. Your SIM serial number can be found behind your new Nano SIM card.
      • STEP 4. Your new SIM card will be active within the next 2 hours. You may lose signal coverage on your current SIM card once the activation of your new SIM is ongoing. When this happens, please wait for 15-30 minutes, then replace the SIM card in your phone with your new Nano SIM. Be sure to switch your phone on or off as needed to refresh your connection to the Globe network.
      but my case is that I was using prepaid SIM and I changed it to postpage with 4G nano SIM.
      How can I check my status for activation?
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          Hi There Takao,

          Is it for LTE activation or nano simcard activation? Since if you're coming from a prepaid and want to activate it as postpaid it can't be. Or this is a newline for postpaid with a LTE nano simcard?

          The best way is to call the customer service to check the status of the simcard activation or LTE act ivation.

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            Hello, Takao.


            You may check the status of the activation of your postpage 4G nano SIM yourself. 


            Insert your postpage 4G nano SIM card in your device. 


            Turn on your device and check if there is a network signal.


            If it has network signal, then congratulations! Your Postpage 4G nano sim card is activated.


            If there is no network signal, then maybe it's not yet activated or you are outside of Globe's coverage area.


            You may call Globe Postpage Hotline 211 or 7301000 for immediate activation.

            You may also request for the activation of the LTE services during the call.


            Lastly, it is Postpaid and not Postpage. 


            Have a nice day!