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    Who among you guys play online games?


      Hi there comrades,



      Let us share our common interests. Like me I do like online games like MMORPG, FPS, RTS games, browser games etc.


      Format of sharing:


      • Name: Slithethroat

      • Games played: Almost all of the free to play games.

      • Longest Played games: Flyff PH for 4 years, Special force PH for 3 years.

      • Highest level/achievements attained: LVL 121 Blade Hero / Yellow Colonel with 34 lotto guns.

      • Currently playing: Chronotales(Browser game via FB), League of Legends(RTS), Assault Fire(FPS), Ragnarok 2(MMORPG) , Zynga games like Texas holdem poker, Zynga slots - It relieves my stress especially when I win mega jackpots.


      I am still searching for other games to play, do you have any suggestion guys?


      Thanks for sharing guys.