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    Globe Wimax Installers


      My family moved to Putatan, Muntinlupa last month and there is no DSL coverage in our area so I opted for Wimax for a year lockdown 2 days ago.


      A month ago I cancelled an installation of WIMAX in my house because of doubt in wireless, yet there is good signal inside the house. Now, I need to have internet for work and school for my son so I applied a new WIMAX installation.


      2 days ago, there is no signal inside the house and the installers blamed our newly installed aluminum door so they advised me to use an antenna so I did. 


      Q1: Having paid the installation fee I thought all materials, including long poles and wires are for them to provide. They asked me to buy all those materials.


      Q2: I have a feeling they did a rushed work. I only get 2-3 signal bars when they are finished, promising us it will maximize 24-48 hours.


      Btw, I was not in the house when this happened and my wife, who is not tech-savvy, supervised their work.