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    hotline application follow up


      Hi there!


      I need some help.  I applied lat May 12 for a group plan.  It was already approved last May 23.  However, they have still not delivered the units or the line. The last call I got was informing me that I would get a call within 24 hours. But it has already been a week.  I have made numerous follow ups and I have piled reference numbers already.  I just need to be informed as to when the units and the lines will be delivered.  It has already taken a month... I am starting to get very frustrated.

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          Welcome to Globe life... where patience is a virtue.


          We are here to comfort you and tell you that this is normal and unless you are goodlooking and know your way around, it would be hard for someone ordinary to rely on canned promises.


          There may be some convenient excuses that they may give and some are:

          1. waiting for the stock of units

          2. it is alreasdy with courier

          3. still being processed and will call within 24 hours

          4. etc

          5. etc, etc.


          Will it be worth it?... as of now, there is no other choice.

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            Hello, magc.


            I am not here to comfort you. 


            I am here to provide you the best advice that I can give you.


            And you don't need to be goodlooking to have this concern resolved.


            But if you are goodlooking, then you are not alone.


            Anyway, please visit any Globe Store and ask them to help you.

            If you can apply via Globe Store, I think it would be better.


            Don't leave the store until you have your units, unless they are out of stock.


            Don't call the hotline. Don't waste your time.


            Keep WILL.