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    what to expect when renewing a contract

      I just finished my 24 month contract with globe.

      I want to know what to expect if I opted to renew aside from the phone.

      1. Should I request for a bill rebate?
      2. Discount for phone cash out?
      3. Items?
      4. Discount for the plan?

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          Hi RayGlobal,

          Please call 211 and choose Rewards (options 1, 1, 8, 2). They are in a better position to discuss with you the offers available.

          Regarding your other inquiry, you can get a new phone (considering the plan you have now) cash out maybe required. Specially if you are getting a high-end phone.

          With my experience, you have to choose a new phone or bill rebates. You can't have them both.

          Hope this helps. :smileyhappy:
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            Expect the rebate, rewards and more by patronizing Globe. You can choose either you change a plan or other services offered and such upgrading your subscription. Have fun Globemates!
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                Unless you really need a phone and don't have the ways to buy it outside, my advice is to get the rebate.

                More often than not, Globe's valuation of the handset is higher than the market price aside from it being network locked.


                From the financial point of view, the overvalued handset depreciates (the higher the model, the bigger the depreciation) over a period of time so you lose both ways while the bill rebate remains constant and is applied to your future liabilities which you have to pay for whether you like it or not as a result of your re-contracting .


                Ultimately, it's whatever your needs would dictate and what will make you feel good.


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                Hi RayGlobal, you can choose only one, depending on the current loyalty offer by Globe. Better call Globe Loyalty Department since the offer will change without prior notice.


                If i were to choose, bill rebate will be much better since Globe is not that generous when it comes to handset for loyalty rewards.