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    LOL and SF problems


      Hi, Everyone this is the document that there is a  problem for the LOL and SF on the main globe or the line from globe to the servers.



      Based on the utility located at http://utilities.globequest.com.ph/ as powered by globe buissness. The ping to all LOL servers accross the globe are all failed. You may check the document 




      The SF problem as seen using this http://www.mediafire.com/download/2dj91pgo12h5n4u/PSF+Tracert.rar and the result of a community member at http://community.globe.com.ph/t5/Tattoo-Broadband/Slow-Internet-Connection/m-p/12410#M662. The SF server runs to a lot of servers too including PLDT and based on my expirience there seems to have a problem too.



      Me also as being a hard time speedtest maniac.


      Globe MAKATI, PHIL: http://www.speedtest.net/result/2752089499.png

      Smart MM :  http://www.speedtest.net/result/2752102359.png

      PLDT : http://www.speedtest.net/result/2752106931.png

      Smart Las Pinas: http://www.speedtest.net/result/2752112209.png

      DreamHost California : http://www.speedtest.net/result/2752118101.png


      Here is the Pingtest.net


      PLDT: http://www.pingtest.net/result/82146018.png
      Ookla California: http://www.pingtest.net/result/82146099.png

      Seems that Ookla with a lower bandwidth on CA but stabler than PLDT

      http://netgauge.ookla.com/share/1156922.pngFor Demonstration Purposes Only. This demo is configured for display purposes and may produce results that are different from Speedtest.net or other Ookla tests. as said on the site http://ookla.com/demo


      Done and tested few min ago. when i send this message. Although PLDT is much faster it have much lag even a Bussness Static I.P I pinged from globe it also return's FAIL.





      Traceroute from business2.globe.com.ph to ph-sf-patch.dfigames.com

      traceroute to ph-sf-patch.dfigames.com (, 30 hops max, 40 byte packets
       1 (  0.272 ms  0.310 ms  0.338 ms
       2 (  0.886 ms  0.858 ms  0.929 ms
       3 (  1.689 ms  1.675 ms  1.653 ms
       4   (  0.772 ms  0.780 ms  1.218 ms
       5   (  67.412 ms  67.560 ms  67.681 ms
       6  ix-8-3-2-445.tcore2.SVW-Singapore.as6453.net (  66.807 ms  66.843 ms  66.917 ms
       7  if-11-0-0-1853.core3.HK2-HongKong.as6453.net (  97.740 ms if-2-0-0-1854.core3.HK2-HongKong.as6453.net (  100.487 ms if-2-0-0-1813.core3.HK2-HongKong.as6453.net (  96.918 ms
       8  ix-1-1.core3.HK2-HongKong.as6453.net (  161.198 ms  161.151 ms  161.190 ms
       9 (  242.029 ms  241.032 ms  242.072 ms
      10  * * *
      11  * * *
      12 (  243.316 ms  243.797 ms  242.155 ms
      13 (  241.409 ms  240.592 ms  240.541 ms
      14  * * *
      15  * * *
      16  * * *
      17  * * *
      18  * * *
      19  * * *
      20  * * *
      21  * * *
      22  * * *
      23  * * *
      24  * * *
      25  * * *
      26  * * *
      27  * * *
      28  * * *
      29  * * *
      30  * * *
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          wala padin reply from globe? haaaaays
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            SUPPORT !!! :smileyvery-happy: Maraming salamat po . 

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              @Jeian, Nosebleed....:robotmad:

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                To all: and one who respond to this @MatsuNyan @axle @RoveenCarlo @GIBO @ChitoReyes @seanquiben 

                Lol have posted in their forums


                Dear Summoners,


                We’d like to provide some updates regarding the ongoing lag issue encountered by Globe users. This matter has affected many and compromised the ideal game experience we wish to provide to everyone. Even non-Globe subscribers are affected in the way where they may play in a game with one or more Globe player/s who is/are lag. Ever since this problem started to gain steam, this has become our top priority and in the past we’ve coordinated with all relevant third parties to explore remedies including Globe (the internet service provider whose customers are having network connectivity problem when playing League of Legends), PLDT (whose data center houses the League of Legends servers) and other network specialists.


                We were able to fully confirm and pinpoint the root cause of the problem and this is due to Globe’s limited bandwidth connecting to PLDT’s data center. This bandwidth acts as the only road where all Globe users who are attempting to access website/services/etc that are hosted in PLDT data center will have to go through. And whenever the concurrent number of traffic exchanges on this bandwidth reaches its peak capacity, that’s when the lag begins for Globe users who are accessing League of Legends or any other services/games/websites in PLDT data center for that matter.

                Given this circumstance, we have reached out to Globe to seek for their immediate upgrade of the bandwidth but unfortunately we were informed there is no immediate plans by Globe to do so for undisclosed reason. That may have been the fastest and most direct way of resolving the problem. But now that it is no longer a solution we can expect, we’re looking at alternatives on how we can divert and re-route traffic of Globe users directly to League of Legends servers. This however takes some more time as we explore with PLDT and various network specialists on the most feasible and viable solution. Until then, we expect this problem to persist.


                We do recommend players to play League of Legends using PLDT internet line or in cafes who are subscribed to PLDT DSL for best game play experience.


                We shall post further updates as soon as we have more to share to the community. As the League of Legends local community continues to skyrocket along with the global growth of the game, the challenge to keep up the IT backbone and infrastructure also becomes more complex. Garena and Riot have worked round the clock in the background to continue upgrading our infrastructure, adding more servers and bandwidth, etc. We are confident that we’re taking the right steps to reach closer to achieving our goal to provide the experience we want everyone to enjoy when playing League of Legends.

                As usual, we would like to sincerely thank you all for your continuous support and patronage.

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                  Well said. But that won't buy for typical gamers -internet users who doesnt have much internet knowledge. Sana ISPs should work out together to fix this. How come other ISPs on other countries didnt have this problem? Pati kasi internet service corrupt narin. Kaya di umaasenso pilipinas dahil sa mga taong corrupt.
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                    Please lang paki ayus na po itong problem tagal na namin nagtitiis please lang..



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                      kaylan ba nag simula ang problem na to sa globe matagal na ba to oh ngayong year lang?

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                        Wala nabang pag asa tlga? eh sayang naman ung binabayad namin? papa DC na lng kung ganun.

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                          Hi. Im a Special Force Player "We are HOPING that there will be some update regarding on this issue"

                          Really. This is a serious matter for us FPS gamers. This is not a joke. Its so annoying and makes me mad.

                          My Image is affected here. example of that. I play a game on Special Force then i joined to someone's room.

                          then suddenly a player said "kick that player because he has a high ping. it may cause lag in the room" See? kinda disappointed right?

                          But he's right!!! I have a high ping and it really [email protected]#*!!!


                          Please fix this ASAP. or we have no choice to change ISP.

                          Thank you.

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                            Sana nmn hindi sila manhid diba? :smileyindifferent: Please lang globe

                            Ang tagal ko ng customer sainyo wag naman sana matapos ito ng dahil lang dito. Dati naman hindi ganto ito.

                            sana lang globe. paki ayos po iyo

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                              Hi Guys,

                              LOL player din ako tulad nyo, NA server. and napansin ko lang since nung season 3 ai yung ping ko hindi na constant. from 180-200ms halos 210-230ms na. tapos nung linggo, july 28 2013. di na ako maka login sa LOL.

                              Di ko alam kung san ang problema sa part na di maka login. kasi hanggang authentication lang ako.


                              Tsaka yung random FPS drops i could say 2 reason

                              1. Network Latency

                              2. Due to the game in which the LOL engineers are doing something about it based sa nabasa ko dun sa forums nila


                              sana naman maka login na ako kasi weekends lang ako nakakalaro eh. tapos di pa maka connect.

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                                Even Assault Fire antaas ng ping oftentimes unable to launch the game despite theres is no noted maintanance on the game provider.


                                There was a conspiracy going on, AF is hosted by Levelup a subsidiary of PLDT.

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                                    Yan naman kasi talaga ang problema!!

                                    Dapat ang NTC may sariling interconnection line sa pilipinas for other isp to connect to hindi ung tayo n lng ng tayo ang nagcoconect with out of the country peering facility
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                                    Anong nangyyri nnmn ngaun GLOBE? stop dance na pinakamababa ping ko 30

                                    ngaun 80-120 na? ano ba yan? Zzzzzzzz

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                                      as of october 21, 2013, the problem resurfaced for LoL. i have read a post in LoL PH Forum that there PLDT and Globe have met in an agreement regarding issues with LoL by november. if so, does it have to do something with the issues i am experincing now with regards to plating LoL (i.e. like random diconnections, spiked latency/ping and so on..)


                                      i am really going to take my turn with that ticket, ^_^ looking forward for updates

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                                        Actually, the problem just started around oct 19, 2013 during the start of the lol weekend challenge. My guess is the connection from globe to epldt got clogged due to the increase number of globe users entering the game. As of this writing, from mods in lol forum, globe is already on the process of fixing the problem. I just hope they really are fixin the issue and not just working around it. Up for this prob.
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                                            Actually, No. Well, in my case that's no. I've been installed last Oct.7 and have had problems with LoL up until now. I can only have 1 decent gameplay without ping ping spikes after midnight on about 4days a week. I always do a tracert and ping -a 100 before I play just to check. So something might be wrong with my connection if you guys can play normally more than I can play. I'm on Globe DSL btw.
                                          • This Problem

                                            So aside from the problems not correctly refreshing the bandwidth on some day of the week plus the lowdown on both the upload and download SnR at random times. Globe is now automatically dropping my connection out every once in a while.


                                            I'm furious since it is hard to get a decent IP that will work on both LoL, My Webserver and Other things. They just have to drop my connection and give me another horrible IP to go with on top of the other problems they're causing me.


                                            Seriously, what more problems would you generate or give Globe?