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    Changing plan type(same amount)


      My sister is currently subscribed to plan 1799(all consumable) but she now wants to change her plan to the plan 1799 supersurf combo...She's currently under the lock in period...Is this change allowed?



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          Hi oaba09,

          I suggest that you call the Customer Service Hotline. Check with them if your sister is able to change the plan type. You may visit a Globe Business Center as well.

          Make sure to document your conversation with them. At times, agents mis-inform.


          My usage has changed and my current plan doesn't seem to work for my needs right now. Can I still change my plan and freebies?

          Of course! You may customize your freebies as often as every month so your plan will suit your changing lifestyle and needs perfectly!

          Just remember that if you choose to downgrade your plan, you will still be under contract but you will be required to pay the applicable downgrading fee/s.

          Source: http://www.globe.com.ph/help/postpaid/plans/plans-general-faqs?jsid=A859AB9DC692E1BE9E25E5DF477BC1E3.21370754747350

          Please go over the FAQ's to have a better understanding of the process.

          Hope this helps. :smileywink:
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            Hello, oabal09.


            Is it under the (old) My Super Plan?


            If your sister's plan is under My Super Plan, and she wants the Plan1799 with UnliSurf 999 (BBMax 599) with Consumable 800 (or 1200 for BlackBerry), yes, this is possible. You may call the hotline or visit any Globe Store for this request.


            If it is under the all new Best-Ever My Super Plan, she can avail of the UnliSurf worth 999 Peso Value (or UnliBlackBerySurf worth 599 Peso Value)  using what remains from her 3200 Peso Value (after deducting the Peso Value for the Handset).  Then the remaining Peso Value can be used for other Combos or as Consumable.


            Keep WILL


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              Hi oaba09, i think this is the a Fully Loaded Plan. Best way is to call the Hotline if your sister can avail such combo for her current Plan. ^_^


              Yes she can change combos and booster once a month.

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                YES, you can change the plan type from 1799 all consumable to plan 1799 Best Ever My Super Plan. I don't think Globe is still offering the Supersurf plan. But you can still avail of unlimited internet for 999 peso value (pv)/month under the Best Ever My Super Plan. oh! and no need to go to the business center for change of plan type, you can just call customer service and request for change of plan. What is NOT ALLOWED is to downgrade the plan value during lock-in period. You can either change the plan type with the same value or higher value.