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    applying for a postpaid plan


      Hi! i applied for a postpaid plan yesterday and i presented my student license and remittance slips which was March, April, May and June.. but I got disapproved 'coz my April remittance was 9k only.. and my sister also transfers money thru bpi atm which was her account (i have her atm card coz she's in canada). I've talked to my sister whose the one asking me to apply for a postpaid plan and she told me to present a bank statement along with the remittance slips as proof of income. She transferred money (which is 55k) from her account to my bank account.. my question is, is it possible than I can be approved? with my remittance slips and latest bank account which is also month of June??

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          I'm afraid it is most unlikey that you will get approved simply because the account is not under your name even if the possesion of your sister's atm card is with you.


          Your chances may be stronger if aside from presenting a valid ID and a proof of billing (under your name) or proof of address, you may tell Globe that you are willing to pay your monthly service fees 6 months in advance.

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            Hi ayi16, much better if you ask the Store for other possible way or additional requirements needed in order for them to reconsider and approve you application. 


            The approval also depend on the Plan you wish to avail