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    how do change password for online account access? i keep getting an error.


      i opted for "Forgot Password" and it sent an e-mail to me. Now I'm able to log in and want to change this to my customized password. Has somebody done this before? I have opted for talk2globe via twitter and all i got was this very long reply below which did not have what i was hoping for. i hope somebody can help me...


      reply from @talk2globe via twitter:

      Hi again. Kindly perform the ff.: 1. Visit www.globe.com.ph  . 2. Click log-in on the upper right hand corner of the home page. 3. Log-in with your email address or mobile number and assigned password then click log-in: a. In case you forgot your password, click the forgot password link. (they did not include how to change this which was my initial query:catsad:b. You can enter your mobile number or email address and a new system generated password will be sent to your email address. c. You can only reset your password 3 times a day. 4. You can view your bill directly by clicking view MyBill. 5. You can also go to overview and see your basic account details then select the manage account link. Your specific postpaid account information will be shown. a. Should you want to proceed viewing your billing statement, please select view bill link. b. If you have existing enrolled accounts you will be directed directly to the view your bills. 7. A security certificate notification may come up then click OK. 8. A new browser will open. You can select an account and proceed to step 9 or select add account if you do not have an existing account enrollment. Please follow the steps below to enroll an account. a. If you do not have accounts in the selection click add an account. b. Select from Globe mobile phone or Globe landline / Globe broadband. c. Enter account number. d. Enter phone number. e. For Globe mobile account enrollment you will be receiving a verification code via SMS. f. Please input this in the field provided. 9. Select action: a. I want to view my bills for the chosen account (must have an existing enrolled account). b. I want to activate/ deactivate MyBill reminder for this account. c. I want to unregister chosen account. Please be guided on the following minimum PC requirements in able to enroll and view your bills online. • Internet Explorer 8 or Firefox or Safari version 4.0.3(531.9.1). • Adobe reader 8 (to view and print your statement of accounts)