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    About my BILL


      I just want to complain bout my bill!i just paid last MAY 18,2013 which casted around 254...i checked my balance again just this june 7 and it's around 2333 AND THIS THING FREAKED ME OUT!!!!I've checked my balance again today,JUNE 9!2013 and i was shock that it costed around 4969 PESOS!!!!!!HOWCOME it increased that much where in fact I DIDN't use my phone in any activities like using the net and calling!!!I EVEN COUNTED MY sms and it's just around 30 messages only-!!!!:smileysad:((why is this happening globe???....

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          Hi wmuppy,

          Have you received you bill? Is the May 18th payment posted in your account. What is your plan? How much do you pay each month?

          If you already received te bill, I suggest you call the Hotline or visit a Business Center. Bring with you the receipt for the May 18th payment.
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            As I mentioned in my other post (online password), this is affected by the enhancement being conducted to Globe's billing system.

            Look at my bill for June 2013:

            Good day! Your outstanding balance is Php 4955.38, due on 2013-06-09T00:00:00+08:00. Your last payment was PhP 2500.0, paid on 2013-02-28T00:00:00+08:00. Your account number is XXXXXXXX and your cut-off date is 2013-06-20T00:00:00+08:00. Roaming charges from overseas may not yet be completely reflected on this bill. You may also get a copy of your bill on-line at www.globe.com.ph. Thank you!

            This is not true. I owe them 2700 for this month of June. I am not paying them almost 5K for a phone bill. I already called them and the payment I made last month posted late.

            I suggest you call the Hotline and provide them the reference/receipt number if the May 18th payment is missing. :smileywink:
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              Walang masama kung makikipag usap ka, ang masama ay ang ayaw mo makipag usap


              walang problema na malulutas kung parehas kayo na mag-mamatigas.