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    Globe Good Vibes


      Hi, Globe friends! I thought I'd share a feel-good story with you guys. :smileyhappy:


      Earlier today, at the Katipunan LRT station, there was a French girl who was asking people for directions to a certain place. No one was able to give her a definite answer. When the crowd thinned, I decided to approach her and ask her if she needed help. She asked about a certain "Salvador Street", and a place called "Pakisama".


      Neither were familiar to me, so I whipped out my iPad Mini, turned on cellular data, and did a fair bit of googling. It was actually near the area! So I walked with her to the tricycle stop. She didn't have an umbrella, so I held mine—a Globe Community umbrella!—for her.


      When we got to where the tricycles were, and after telling the tricycle driver where to go, she told me "You're my savior!" And I smiled. It felt really good to help someone out.


      How about you guys? What's your Globe Good Vibes story? :smileyhappy: