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    papareplace ng tm sim


      hi guys alam nyo ba kung pwede mag pagawa ng tm sim? ung sim ko kasi ni cut ko para magamit sa iphone 4s ko kaso need ko na regular sim with the same phone #. thanks a lot!

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          Hi hunniehanz,

          You may directly go to any Globe Business Centers near you to have it replaced. I'm not sure if TM have the same SIM replacement policy with that of the regular Globe SIMs. But if they do, they will have to check if they have stocks of the same SIM series of your original SIM. Also, upon replacement, the SIM installed on your 4S will be deactivated.

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            I believe that Globe Center can help you retaining your old number.


            I have a friend who's phone is snatched and went to globe center to retrieve his old number.


            Good luck

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              Hi Hunniehanz,

              As per Globe Customer Service, in addition, TM does not have available Micro SIM and Nano SIM for Touch Mobile.

              For SIM upgrade you may visit the nearest Globe Store in your area. Thanks!