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    My Best Superplan


      I've been talking to some CS Agents and I need to clear this one out. Apparently they all gave different answers.


      I'm availing plan 999 with 1700PV.


      Unlidata 999 - 999PV

      Galaxy NoteII 24 months - 600PV


      Now the Field Sales agent told me that from my 1700 consumable the Unlidata and Phone deducted my consumables giving me 101PV left. Now, since I'm paying for plan 999 apparently Unlidata is included but the phone is excluded?


      Meaning I have to pay 999+600php and the phone still consumed 600PV from my consumables?


      999cash and 600 from my credit card pero deducted parin from Plan consumables? Edi sana nag 1799 nalang ako.


      That's clearly not what the plan stated. Sa online application it said that the total payment (phone included) is just 999php cause the phone is deducted from the Plan consumables. 


      Can someone clear this out. I just submitted my requirements pero mukang ica-cancel ko cause of the loops. 

      Mas maganda pa atang magpunta nalang sa Globe Center and apply personally. 

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          Hello, Dexter097.


          Welcome to the Globe Community. I am glad you have come to share your Globe life with us.


          Before you proceed reading my reply, you may need to note of the following:


          I don't represent Globe Telecom or any of its Third Party Vendors in any of my replies.

          It is my personal belief that we are all created therefore we are all creatures here.

          If you believe otherwise, you may let me know.


          Moving on with your concern.


          If you would like to avail of the Best Ever My Super Plan 999, you will have a 1, 700 Peso Value. 


          You may use the Peso Value for the Device and Combos. 


          UnliSurf has a 999 Peso Value


          However, Galaxy Note II is not free with Plan 999 and has a Cashout of 16, 800.


          Please take note that all Devices, with or without Cashout, have a corresponding Peso Value. 


          The Galaxy Note II has a 600 Peso Value. 


          999 UnliSurf + 600 Galaxy Note II = 1, 599 Peso Value. 


          You still have 101 Peso Value that you can use for one combo worth 99 or as Consumable for Calls and Text. 


          In this regard, you will have to pay for 999 for the plan and for the Cashout for the device. Which you may using your Credit Card in 24 months. 




          I don't know what happened when you tried to use the online plan creator.


          You may visit any Globe Store for further information. 



          "We believe in something that we think we deserve." - Perks of Being WILL Benedict 


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              I think I'll just get the sim with LTE enabled then. I still think that deducting 600PV while still paying with it for 600php a month (that's 1200php in value) is just not worth it. I'll just order the phone as it is while maintaining 701PV for call and text combos.


              Oh and thanks

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              Accdg sa Site with Plan 999 you will have 1700 Peso Value -  Virtual Money that can be used to purchase a Combo or a Handset and the remaining PV will be converted to consumables.


              With Plan 999 the Galaxy Note 2 is worth 600 PV with 16,800 pesos cash out for 24 months contract and the Unlif Surf Combo is worth 999 leaving you a 101 PV.  But if you increase your contract to 30 days the cash out will be 11,400 pesos


              Yeah I think it would be better if you will have the 1799 PLAN and increase the contract to 30 months so that you will have the phone for free(no cash out). or you can try to mix and match in the website http://www.globe.com.ph/postpaid/-/BestEverSuperPlan/landing?p_auth=Y3opSiEA


              Hope this would help. =)

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                  The point being raised is that, the new Post Paid plan scheme have become confusing and incorrect. I also tried the plan simulation and I also got the same result, the amount to be paid was P999 for unlidata and Galaxy Note II. It did not say that there was still a cashout and how much if there was.