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    Iloilo Area - 4G Superstick 2 Months DC


      Hi, I had encountered so many disconnections this past few weeks, it's connecting to the maximum time of 5mins and then disconnects, I'm downloading some files wherein I needed for my video and designing tutorials, so the files are quite bigger than expected. So, I'm having alot of disconnections wherein I even contacted the customer support for this, even went to SM City Iloilo Where I bought the device. (Not Under Warranty) na ung device. Even read most of the threads here where it seems not even once a moderator of globe responds to any complaints. Most of you say's the disconnection was because of the signal, but apparently i think it's not. I even tried my other 3G tattoo stick but still the same disconnection appears to be doing as well. Any solutions for this? It's not the signal so avoid hitting enter when replying that the signal was the only problem exist.