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    Public IP Address/Port Forwarding on Mobile Broadband


      Hi! Is it possible to be assigned a public IP address for a wireless broadband connection? I need to set up port forwarding but the structure of Globe's mobile broadband prevents this, in a way that they have to open ports for you but won't really do so. 

      My 3G dongle is connected to a router running DD-WRT which allows internet access through mobile broadband. There are no open ports in my external IP even after setting up port forwarding in my router settings, so this is definitely on the ISP side (Globe)


      Right now I'm using the prepaid apn (http.globe.com.ph), and for others' information, the NAT type for mobile internet is always set to Strict.


      Your help is much appreciated! :smileyhappy:

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          Globe is using DHCP servers and it is configured to block all incoming connections except if you are the one who connect to it. :smileyhappy: 

          As a conclusion. You cannot do that

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            Hello Genrenato,


            I will assume that your are trying to port forward for your torrent client and/or playing game/s clients.


            Unfortunately if you are using a wireless broadband, you are somewhat connecting to a globe DHCP router, hence your portforwarding on your router would not work because the internet that is coming out  from your wireless stick is already filtered by the network administrator.


            This has nothing to do with DHCP servers blocking packets. Why?


            If you are using a DSL connection on the other hand has a different setup, your modem is still connected to the DHCP server of your ISP, BUT the authentication is being provided by your modem, hence, you can portforward using this type of connection.


            Always remember you can only portforward on a device which terminates/orginates your connection. The same is true if you have a DSL modem connected to a router but the modem should be on BRIDGE mode before you portforward on your router.


            You can always PM me if you need clarification. Kindly tag your thread accordingly!