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      Question 1

      With regard to GCASH, does the phrase,"Cash-in to self", mean the account holder withdraws the money for himself and he does not get any charge for it? Because if so, I would be very much interested with it. I would just want to clarify things up just to make sure before I sign myself up. What I mean about this is that If the account holder deposits P5,000.00, and wants to withdraw the whole amount, is that what you call Cash-in to self? And he does not get charged at all for the P5,000.00 withdrawal?


      Question 2

      Aside from that, just want to clarify the term, "Send Money at an Outlet" and "Cash Out" which has a charge of P20.00 for every P1,000.00 or any amount in excess. What do these two terms mean?


      Question 3

      In connection to question 2, does that mean that for every P1,000.00 there is a P20.00 charge? (e.g. if you transact P1,500, do you have to pay P40.00 charge, or does it remain P20.00 till it exceeds another thousand?)



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          Hi DaviSagario,

          For Q1: I believe "Cash-in to Self" means depositing money to your own GCash account. This is similar to depositing money to your bank account. Thus, there's no charge for that transaction.

          Q2: "Send Money at an Outlet" means transferring money to a GCash partner outlet. For example, you want to send money to your relatives in the province and they don't have GCash, what you need to do is send GCash fund to a partner outlet. Your relatives will then proceed in claiming these funds at that outlet. This is similar to money transfer service.

          "Cash Out", on the other hand, means withdrawing your money from your GCash account.

          Q3: Charge is P20 in multiples of 1000. Also, charges may vary as well depending on the GCash outlet. With Globe Business Centers, they follow this scheme.


          Check the link below to know more about GCash: