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    Weak Internet Connection


      Why does the internet connection for globe prepaid is weaker when you are in the highest ground or upper level of the building like 20th floor and up than when you are in the lower level or at ground level.

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          I also don't know maybe globe's tower is at the average tower height for the main ground only and not for huge and big towers.. :smileyhappy:
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            Actually, expect the poor signal when you're inside closed building specially at the base. Theres a lot of interferences as of the building also run by such multiple network services of any companies. They also have a restrictions when you're inside the elevator. It will become weaker if you're on the highest floor as the signal towers depends lower grounds, unless of building tower network catching signal is active.
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              I feel sorry if you find some of the answers here simply annoying.  You are not alone.


              Anyway, maybe, just maybe, the building you are in does not have a Globe Signal Booster or Repeater in every floor.


              I am not sure how building administrators request for a Globe Signal Booster, but you may report this to Globe first.


              I have my own concern regarding the weak signal in our area. And I was told by Globe that the best way for them to resolve my problem is buidling a cell site.


              It has been a month and I am still waiting for the status of the new cell site Globe will build (for me).



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                I hope you understand in terms of flight mode when riding plane. Study of signal interferences between sattelite and land radio transmitters. You're not the only one experienced that, mostly to stop conveying your insistions, have your voice be heard at Globe Center and for you to analyze and explain the better. For further better usage of device through internet, become suited to where areas should be use properly.