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    samsung galaxy s4 7 day replacement


      HI. I had the samsung galaxy s4 unit bundled with a postpaid plan and received the unit less than 70 hours ago and i noticed earlier while watching a video that there was a bump on the right side of the phone just below the power button (its like someone tried to pry the part where there is a small gap on the side... without scratches to hint foul play).

      Im planning on going to the place where i got the unit... i was just wondering... will they replace the phone... or just send it to some samsung center and have it fixed?


      I dont have the time to wait for the unit to be fixed. I need a phone for daily use and i dont have spare phones coz prior to getting the unit, i had my previous phone snatched.

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          Hi violinrocker, 


          Yes you can but take note you might end up waiting for a month or so for the replacement. 


          Just visit any globe store and explain them your concern. If it will take time then it would be up to you if you can wait, if not then congrats.


          Not sure if Samsung will entertain your concern since you got your unit from Globe.


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            Mehh... i guess ill have to buy a Cheap phone... i dont know if its just external aesthetic damage or the insides of the phone got bloated... i tried to press the part with the bump to see if it would snap back on its place, but it didnt. I dont want to do anything to try and fix it anymore i might just end up making it worse.


            Do you think theres a higher probability of them giving me a replacement rather than telling me to "live with it" and sending me away brokenheartd?

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                Hi violinrocker,


                They should,  just inform them you're not comfortable with the bump. Insist to have a replacement since your covered with 7 day replacement. i'm assuming here and my suggestion is based on their Postpaid Guarantees. Just have time to visit any store near you.

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                  Hello, violinrocker.

                  Welcome to the Globe Community. I am glad you have come to share your Globe life with us.

                  Before you proceed reading my reply, you may need to note of the following:

                  I don't represent Globe Telecom or any of its Third Party Vendors in any of my replies.
                  It is my personal belief that we are all created therefore we are all creatures here.
                  If you believe otherwise, you may let me know.

                  Moving on with your concern.

                  Phone Replacement is one of Globe Postpaid Guarantees.

                  PHONE REPLACEMENT. Get an automatic replacement for any phone you get from Globe, within 7 days from date of purchase, no questions asked.

                  If you've just signed up for your postpaid plan and found your brand-new phone to have a few quirks not quite to your liking, we will give you a brand-new replacement within 7 days, no questions, no hassles*.


                  While defective phones are subject to Handset Policy Replacement.


                  While Globe provides this amazing guarantee, common sense dictates that Globe, or any authorized reseller, will not replace a phone if the defect is caused by improper use or mishandling of the buyer, under normal circumstances.

                  Report your concern to the hotline or to the after sales section of the Globe Store within the seven day replacement period.

                  Did you know that the seven day replacement policy does not apply to BlackBerry (and Iphone) devices?

                  BlackBerry owners may request for a phone replacement if the device found defective (even with scratches*) even beyond the seven day replacement period but within the 12 month warranty period. 

                  *as long as the there is defect.

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                  Good day!


                  They will check your device first if your unit have no dents or factory deffect because if factory deffect they will replace new device.  But if your device has a dents they will not carry the warranty and they will send your unit to their service center and they will fix it (no warranty). If factory deffect they will replace new one if they have stocks, but if they don't have you have to wait until they have stocks or you will buy a temporary phone for daily use (low end phone).



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                    Its is NOT a dent... there is a bulge on the side. The bulge couldve been there all along... OR something happened during the three days that caused it to have a bump (as far as i know cellphones get dents, not bumps when external pressure is applied... people get bumps when you hit them.. not phones) and I didnt overcharge it either, i had battery doctor data to prove that.

                    Also... earlier today I found out that a classmate of mine got decent mobile data connection, while my phone barely had any, and I was only standing next to him. (Same network)

                    ANywhoo... went to gbc yesterday and I think they told me that they would have a unit for me on another day. Alsoooo, I didnt notice it early but, theres now additional damage on the upper left side of the phone when they gave it to me.. (they couldve dropped it, i dont really know). The people there are very kind and reasonable though, i just hope they dont turn the new damage against me though (fyi i told them and asked them about the damage and apparently they know about it)