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    Configuration Free Pocket Wifi?


      I need to know if the pocket wifi is configure free? I dont have a computer to set it up and i need to connect our 2 android phone and 1 tablet at home.thanks

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          What is the brand and model of yourt pocket wifi?


          You may want to check your pocket wifi documentation for its internal IP... usually it is


          In case you do not have a computer, you can access your pocket wifi through your Androicd phone or tablet:

          1. Turn on your pocket wifi

          2. Turn on your Android phone or tablet and connect via wifi to your pocket wifi

          3. Once connected, open the web browser of your Android phone or tablet and in the URL portion put the internal IP (usually and it may ask you for a user name and password. Again check the documentation of your pocket wifi to get those information (usually Username i: Admin and password : Admin)

          4. If successful, this would lead you to the set up page of the pocket wifi


          it is important that you put as APN the following:

          if postpaid : internet.globe.com.ph

          if prepaid : www.globe.com.ph


          Hopr this helps.