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    How can I replace my Globe postpaid phone for a newer one?


      Good Day Globe Postpaid Users!


      My mom applied for a plan 299 with Huawei u8500 or known as Cloudfone Ice as for its free phone, It has been 12 months for now and we would like to replace it for a newer one. She still have 12 months remaining but she wants a new phone. Is there any way? Even there's a cash out. What are the steps? Thanks In Advance Guys! :smileyhappy:

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          If I am not mistaken, you would have to opt for an early termination of your mother's contract (assuming her contract is 24 months) which would require her to pay Php 550 plus 50% of the phone price after the first year of subscription.


          Only then would she be able to have another period to be locked in and shoose the phone whe would be qualified to have with or without a corresponding cash out.


          She or you may call 7301000 and choose the option for loyalty and rewards. However, given the above information and in case you want to expedite things, I suggest you go to the nearest Globe business office where there would be stock of the phone she wants so that she could get it right away.