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    I wanna apply for iphone5 plan but...


      But i dont have any bank account, credit card or ATM... im only using my mum's ATM... and she also has a bank account. In the terms that I want the plan to be applied UNDER MY NAME, what are the other options po for me?


      I have a friend who has a plan from globe too, but his unit was Blackberry... can i get him as my guarantor? And one of the globe people in twitter told me i need to pay 6months in advanced in order to avail this type of application (guarantor only)... 


      Help? :smileyhappy:


      Am i required to pay 6months in advanced when i used a guarantor in my globe postpaid application or can i at least pay for the cash out the the usual first month payment?




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          Good day!


          These are other options for proof of financial capacity.


          1) Upfront Payment of Handset-based price


          2) Pre-payment of six (6) months for monthly service fee


          3) Globe Guarantee Program

          • * guarantor must be an existing Globe Postpaid subscriber for at least 12 months and with good credit standing prior to subscriber's application.
          • * credit limit of guarantor must be sufficient to accommodate the credit limit of the new applicant.
          • * this program will only require you to pay 1 month advance.