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        Officially YES.


        You may want to call the Broadband Department for more information.

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          Hello, r_eighteen.

          Welcome to the Globe Community. I am glad you have come to share your Globe life with us.

          Before you proceed in reading my reply, please take note of the following:

          I don't represent Globe Telecom or any of its Third Party Vendors in any of my message.
          It is my personal belief that we are all created. Therefore, we are all creatures here.
          If you believe otherwise, you may let me know.o

          Moving on with your concern.


          No. Globe Airboost is not only available for Platinum and few of the 'ordinary" subscribers.


          It is available for ALL qualified subscribers with weak signal concerns.


          After more than 30 days of waiting for an update regarding my outstanding Weak Signal concern, I received a call from the Network Team .


          Finally, the processing of the Cost Assessment for the Globe Airboost Installation in our house is on-going.


          But I still think that I deserve something better than a femtocell installation. I deserve a Cell Site in our village.

          (I hope GIBO and hcescala will agree with me. I don't mind if * some  text missing * doesn't.)


          I am going to post more about this as soon as the Globe Airboost femtocell is installed in our house.


          We accept the things we think we deserve - The perks of being WILL

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              Are you on prepaid or postpaid? If so, on what plan? Perhaps I can request an Airboost too for our home since the apartment building beside our place easily obstructs the signal all over. I have a home broadband for the Airboost to connect with.

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                  ano na kaya nangyare sa case ko about airboost, andame tanong ng network quality team sana naman nag onsite visit nalang sila para malaman talaga nila na mahina signal dito samen kesa kung ano ano pa tinatanong nila. mag 2 months na kasi wala pa din linaw.

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                No nothing happened. All agents im speaking to doesnt even seem to know what airboost is, they attempted me to transfer my call to their "proper department" for my query but surprisingly they just got my call back to IVR selection. They did it twice to me. So lucky that Globe hired these imcompetent agents. They also gave me another hotline for Platinum subcribers but heck after calling all I heard was the same IVR and selection. So thats 3 in a row! Never bothered to call again.
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                    I eagerly request for this device and unfortunately the notion is true, the agent didn't know anything about this, After 1 month of making follow up the Network Quality Team finally responded with a template answer

                    "Tell the subs to power cycle the unit and ask for the nearest landmark nearby" so if only the agent probes and document it well this should be avoided. The problem is not on the unit but perhaps due to the distance, elevation of the area.

                    the dilemma of having held on the line to get a supervisor for almost 3 hours is unimaginable. I wanna burst out and spit fire.
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                    It seems that only the higher ups are aware of Airboost. Maybe Globe's trying to minimize the rollout because of the ongoing network upgrade.
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                      I have been requesting this device since 2013 and all of my tickets were closed without resolution


                      Told them to do on site visit but they keep on refusing


                      Now I have another ticket and I wont be surprised anymore if I call for follow up after a week and hear it is closed again


                      We are a household of three 1799 subscribers since 2011 and one 599


                      The reason we cant use other service provider is our number is more than just a number


                      So pissed off