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    INVALID KEYWORD for sony xperia neo v


      Bakit po ganun walang dumadating na gprs setting sa TM, sony xperia neo v mt11i po gamit ko.. nag-iinvalid keyword kapg nagtxt ako sa TM ng Go to 2951,




      can someone help me?

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          Hi Komorokun! Try dialling this shortcut for mobile net settings:

          *143*2*7# then press call.

          Let me know if this works for you. Thanks!
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              Hi KomuroKun,

              You can go to settings > Wireless and network > Mobile Network > go to APN or access point name> add new APN and fill the settings provided below.

              GPRS settings:
              - Name: Myglobe Internet
              - APN: http.globe.com.ph
              - Proxy: <not set>
              - Username: <not set>
              - Password <not set>
              - Server <not set>
              - MMSC <not set>
              - MMS Proxy <not set>
              - MMS Port <not set>
              - MCC:515
              - MNC: 02
              - Authentication type: <not set>
              - APN type: internet if it is a selection or "default, SUPL" if it needs to be type.


              Hope this helps,