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    Defective iPhone 4S units from Globe Store (Quezon Ave branch)


      The first iPHone 4S unit I got from the Quezon Ave branch was defective (weak signal, cannot detect personal hotspot by other phones / laptops / ipads). They gave me a replacement phone after one week, no questions asked, because they diagnosed that the original phone was indeed, defective.


      After another week of using the replacement phone, I noticed that the personal hotspot cannot be detected also, and the technician in the store agreed that the replacement unit I got is defective.


      (1) Why do they release defective units?


      (2) Why do I need to wait for another week for the warehouse to "assess" my current "replacement phone" (and to undergo again the hassle of waiting for a replacement unit, backing up my data, re-installing my apps, syncing my contacts, etc), just because Globe couldn't ensure that I got a defect-free unit?


      (3) Why can't Globe give me a better way of reaching them, instead of me just posting this here? Or why can't Globe come up with a better compromise for the customer, especially given the fact that the customer has NO FAULT in getting a defective unit?

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          Hello, anissilvestre.


          Welcome to the Globe Community. I am glad you have come to share your Globe life with us.


          Before you proceed reading my reply, you may need to note of the following:


          I don't represent Globe Telecom or any of its Third Party Vendors in any of my replies.

          It is my personal belief that we are all created therefore we are all creatures here.

          If you believe otherwise, you may let me know.


          Moving on with your concern.


          I feel for you.


          I had the same issue in 2008 and last year.


          In 2008, I had my Nokia E71 replaced 5 times.


          Last year, my BlackBerry Bold 9900 got bricked two months after it was delivered.  

          Globe Store gave the replacement handset within six days.


          I would like to answer your questions in the best way I can.


          First, Globe do not, will not, did not release defective units.


          In your case, the phone manufacturer do, will, and did release defective units.

          But I cannot simply blame the phone manufacturer.

          All Manufactured product are not expected to be free from defects.  But they are statistically expected to be free from defects.


          So don't blame Globe Telecom for the defects. Ask yourself. Do you expect Globe to test all devices provided to them?


          Second, why do you need to wait for the assessment? Maybe it is the usual process.  But you can always demand for a replacement during your visit, as long a replacement phone is available in their inventory.  I mean, you cannot expect them to provide you a replacement unit if the unit is out of stock.


          And of course you are given the free WILL to back up or not, to re-install apps or not, to sync contacts or not.


          Third, Globe provides its subcribers all the options available to reach them.  Let me identify the ways:


          a. Hotline 211 or 7301000

          b. Globe Store 

          c. Website - www.globe.com.ph

          d. Email - [email protected]

          e. Facebook - www.facebook.com/globeph

          f. Twitter - @talk2Globe

          g. Globe Community 


          Do you need some more?


          By the way, nobody is trying to put the blame on you for the defective units.


          But remember we all have free WILL.


          You can always choose another device. There is #GlobeBlackBerryZ10withLTE and many other device.


          We accept the things we think we deserve - The perks of being WILL