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    Introducing Globe Community Blog, Interest Groups, Polls

      Hello there, dear Globe Community members!


      We have recently launched three new features of the site to help increase participation and engagement among members within the Community - these are Blog, Interest Groups, and Polls. You may go through each of them by clicking on to the Menu item at the topmost section of the site. 


      Globe Community Blog


      It is the Community's self-hosted web log, which consists of entries/posts about recent Globe tech/product reviews, how-to's, lists, and other helpful topics that can be beneficial to other members. 


      Globe Community Blog.PNG


      Simply click on 'Read more...' to check out the entire blog post. It will include texts, photos, and embeded videos, forms similar to a usual blog site you'd see elsewhere.


      We welcome writers to send us articles for the Globe Communitu blog. If you're interested, please fill out this Call for Bloggers form and we will assess your application depending on the different criteria that we have set - this includes the need for writers, your participation level in the Community, and others.


      Interest Groups


      We've started the Globe Community with the aim to empower customers to help other customers with their non-account specific Globe concerns. To help build a more wonderful relationship among members, we thought of creating groups that would be very much fit for selected individuals depending on interest.


      Globe Community Groups.PNG


      We've started with a few groups, but we're happy to add more if we see the need. Feel free to log your requests in the Feedback and Suggestions board to let us know. To access the Interest Groups, please click on the Interest Groups menu item from the topmost section of the site or click on 'View All' to see all Interest Groups from the lower right section of the homepage.


      To be a member of an Interest Group, you should be logged in to the Globe Community. Select a particular group from the list and click 'Join'.


      Globe Community Join Group.PNG


      After joining, you may already start replying to existing topics or creating your own by clicking on 'New Message'


      Globe Community Group new.PNG


      Posting a message is similar to that of creating a new topic in the Community. Thumbs Up feature in Interest Groups are not included, so that the ranking and recognitions will not be affected.




      We want to hear your voices and opinions. We have added this feature to allow the Community members to share your thoughts on a particular topic. We'll change it once in a while, so that we'd know what's the hottest of the hot stuff. 


      To see the Poll question, please click on 'Vote' to see all options for voting from the lower right section of the homepage.


      Globe Community Polls.PNG


      The Poll options will be shown afterwards, which will allow you to select for an option and Vote.


      Globe Community Polls.PNG


      Once you finish selecting an option and you have clicked on 'Vote', the results will be shown


      Globe Community Polls Result.PNG


      Enjoy these new features, Globe pals! :smileyhappy: