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    Nano Sim Activation


      Globe Telecom, how long do I have to wait for my nano sim to be activated? This is by far the worst service I've experienced from any provider. Let me lay the situation out:

      June 1: I got a new iPhone 5 from your SM San Lazaro branch, with the promise that the new sim (but same number) would be activated by June 6. My old plan expires on July 2013, but I was allowed to avail of a new handset a little early (for a reset fee and cashout for the phone) and upgrade to Plan 999. Taking 5 days to activate a sim for a returning customer, was already in itself, questionable. It takes several days for a returning customer's sim to be activated, but less than an hour for a new customer's sim to work? What the hell.

      June 6 - June 11: I made several follow-ups via your customer service hotline because my sim still had no service, and my old sim was still working. To be exact, I made 3 calls to your hotline on several days, each time being replied to with "I have escalated your case" and assured of activation in "24-48 hours". Apparently there's an error in aligning my new sim with my account. I even tweeted @talk2GLOBE on Twitter, along with several Globe agents therein, and kept getting "I have made a follow-up" and/or "I have successfully escalated your case". All generic replies, but still no service. I don't need escalation every day. I can go to a mall and ride an escalator for that. What I need is a phone/sim that actually works!

      June 12: Independence Day. I went to Globe SM San Lazaro again to try and ask for a new sim because the wait was just too much. Imagine getting a phone and being able only to use it with WiFi. Yes, pathetic. I might as well have gotten myself an iTouch. Anyway, the agent at San Lazaro said no nanosims were available there, but since I would be going to BGC, I can get a replacement nanosim at your Market Market office. I was assured of activation of the new sim in 10-15 MINUTES. When I got to Market Market however, I was told activation would be in 24 hours. Another wait. 
      Being the impatient and unsatisfied customer that I was (and still am), I made a follow-up via your hotline again. To my surprise, one of the reasons "daw" that my sim wasn't being activated was because I had not yet settled my bill for the past month. How am I supposed to settle my bill if my balance turns out to be NEGATIVE because SOME GENIUS included my cash-out for the phone in my billing statement. After spending 48 minutes on the phone with a customer service rep, I found out that ANOTHER reason my sim wasn't being activated was because my plan (for iPhone) was subscribed to BB Social (exclusive to Blackberry). With that, what the hell was my reset fee of 600+ for, if your agents/specialists/whatever-you-wish-to-call-them can't reset my plan properly? An iPhone subscribed to BB Social? That's nuts. Even the agent I talked to was perplexed. For the first time however, I talked to an agent who seemed to take his job seriously. With a little critical thinking, he figured out the BB Social-iPhone thing. Again, I was assured of activation within 24 hours.. and a callback to update me of my sim's activation status. My question is, why the hell did no other agent tell me this during the several days that I've been calling your hotline and trying (with all my might) to stay nice to your Twitter representatives?

      June 13: still no service, still no callback. HOW MANY MORE TIMES DO I HAVE TO WAIT FOR "24-48 HOURS"?

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          I can honestly relate to how you feel right now. I myself am a very impatient customer.


          I have nothing against Talk2Globe, but they rarely are capable of fixing my issues.


          It took me 7 days to activate my nano SIM for the iPhone 5. After over 10 calls to 211 about the activation, and I waited for over a week! I finally decided to go back to the Store where I got my Nano SIM. After lining up for 2 hours, I finally spoke with a Store rep who asked me to wait a few minutes. After an hour and afyer turning my device off, I finally got signal.


          I recommend Globe Trinoma and Globe Gateway. They're tried and tested by yours truly.

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            Have the same problem. After one week, still no service. The live agent via text assist keeps on telling me that 'SIM still in process'. What the . . . why is it soooo hard to activate a SIM? Don't really understand.


            Have been a proud Globe customer for 20 years, more or less. But clearly, the quality of their service these days have gone to the dogs. I'm not just talking about my ordeal, but also the numerous horror stories I've heard from friends. Frequent dropped calls, internet connection issues, late billings, rude call agents, etc.


            Have to say, I have always been a bit biased towards Ayala companies. They usually do it better (not necessarily always bigger) than their competitors. BPI, ALI, etc. But Globe is like the black sheep in the family right now. Hope they right the ship soon before MVP leaves them in the telecom dust.


            From a very, very disappointed customer.

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              Based from my experience and a colleague's experience, the new sim will be activated on the day of your cut off. Apparently this is because Globe does not want to pro-rate your subscription. The 1st time I heard this I did not believe it. I have been with Globe for more 2 years (with two phone lines) and based from my experience, changing my subscription would just take a few minutes.

              However, when I recontracted and got my new phone last July 18, it was entirely different. I upgraded from plan 299 to plan 999 and got a Samsung Galaxy S4 (14,400 cash out). I kept calling Globe because my plan was still stuck to the old plan. After numerous calls for more than 2 weeks, it remained unsolved and nobody could tell me why they couldn't fix it. To my surprise, it got activated at exactly 11:59 PM, 1 minute before my cut off date. I even got an automated text to confirm it.

              That was when I realized that my colleague was actually right to say that the upgraded plan would only take effect on your cutoff date. Right now the remaining battle that I have with Globe is having my LTE activated. Oh well, patience is a virtue. :smileywink:
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                the same thing here with me, it's been 5 days wala pa rin signal yung iphone 5 ko, sabi nila nung ibinigay yung unit within 2 hours daw maa-activate na yung nano SIM then mawawala na yung signal sa lumang SIM.  nakadalawang beses na rin akong tumawag sa hotline afer waiting 48 hours!!! plus sa fb pa na assistance nila, wala pa rin, kung maghihintay kp after ng cut-off date mo bago i-activate ang new nano SIM mo this is ridiculous!!!! BIG F--Ked-UP ng globe system yan sa loyal subscriber nila??? tapos anmg tagal tagal pa nil amag deliver ng unit mo..........


                haist.......... me iphone 5 ka nga wifi lang magagamit mo!!! buti pa cherry mobile neto ei...........

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                  ako din. i received my iphone 5s last december 4. sabi maaactivate daw ang nano sim after my cut off which is dec 16. till now wala pa din!
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                      there is a system glitch in globe as what their CSR will tell you, calling the hotline will not help,the problem with this is that when you recieve your unit, the person assisted you did not properly closed the job order for you,  that is why your sim is still not active, the only person who can cancel or modify this work order is their supervisor, the best solution you should do is go back to the store where you picked up your unit, then tell them the problem and it will take another 24-48 hours to activate your sim,  on  my previous case, they called me after 48 hours and informed me that the work order is closed, but my sim was been active for hours by the time they call.

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                      I did not received the phone in any globe store. I just avail of the unit with the hotline. It was delivered to my house
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                          Hi maraalmighty,


                          Did you request for recontracting with change o f plan to BEMSP? If thats the case, you need to wait for activation of your plan or the CSR can cancell the pending order  to process simcard activation. Remind the CSR to provide LTE (if your sim/handset  is LTE capable)  while processing simcard activation to avoid "no signal" status.. :smileyhappy: