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    Best Ever Super Plan 1799 Plan Activation


      I availed the Samsung Galaxy S4 on the Best Ever MySuper Plan 1799 (GHP# ending 3337) last May 18, 2013 at SM North Edsa. Globe promised to activate the new plan (since i moved/upgraded my plan from MySuper Plan 999) on June 10, 2013. But lo and behold, June 14 na ngayon and still my new Best Ever SuperPlan 1799 is not yet activated! I talked to five different CSRs but they are all saying the same thing kesyo ngfile na ng report etc etc. The best part of all is the (empty) promises that "Rest assured that your plan will be activated within 24hrs"  How many 24 hrs after June10 would Globe need to activate one Best Ever MySuperPlan 1799 then?Does anyone have experienced this?


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          Moving on with your concern.


          Please visit the Globe Store SM North EDSA ASAP.  I suppose your line is still active but still under the old plan.


          One of consumer lines is being used by twin sister and I had it changed / migrated an old Unli 599 to the My Super Plan 1799 and availed the GlobeBlackBerryZ10withLTE FREE for 30 months lock up. The SIM Card was activated after two days, but we noticed that the line cannot use the mobile internet and use BlackBerry Services.  When we called the hotline, we were informed that the old plan is still active and the previous BlackBerry Chat subcriptions is still active.


          In short this was resolved only on the first week of April. I was assisted with the Supervisor and the Manager of the Globe Store after exerting much of my irate powers.


          I understand the problem is related to the system modernization and lack of systems training of the support team.


          Going back to your concern. If the Supervisor or the Manager of North EDSA cannot assist you, they seek assistance the support team by calling them.  Email escalation is not enough.  Or they should call the Manager of Greenbelt 4.



          P.S. We were given a prepaid sim card with Php500 load for the UnlSurf for 5 Days and one month Bill Rebate by the Manager because of this concern


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            me.... i also upgrade my all new plan 499 to may super plan 999, the agent told me that the processed will be complete after 48 hrs, i've applied it early this week but until now wala p din :smileysad: