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    Plan Application Question


      Hello, I just want to know if I'm able to avail of the Plan 999 for the iPhone 5 that has a Php 800 cashout for 24 months. You see, I am an existing globe subscriber, but it's only because I used the "7 Months Advance" alternative for the proof of income, I still don't have any type of proof of income as I am still a student, so the question is, can I still avail of the said plan just based on my existing subscription?

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          Though I am not from Globe and I just  give my opinion if I were in the shoes of a credit investigator based on their objectives, one of the ways to determine your qualification is to study your existing subscription on whether you were able to fulfill your obligations to your liabilities faithfully, If so, then it would be a plus factor already since you have established a relationshop with the company already however... take note that an addtional subscription is an additional expense necessitating proof that you would be able to shoulder additional expense on your end.


          You might have to go the same route of advancing 6 months of your subscription or if you do not have the capacity to pay for it, look for a Globe subscriber guarantor with the capacity to pay to vouch for you.

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            Hello, OgoCrisologo.

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            Moving on with your concern.


            I will not dare to be in the shoes of a credit investigator. I find it unhygienic. 


            If you are an existing subscriber and your account is already outside the lock up and your current account is also Plan 999, you don't need to submit anything or pay any advanced payment anymore. 


            As for the cashout, you may ask the sales specialist if they can charge the monthly cashout to bill or you may ask your parents to charge it to their credit card account.


            You may visit any Globe Store for the further assistance. You may call the Loyalty Hotline. 



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