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    4G Superstick Always Disconnecting


      Hi, Iv'ed been sending a couple of reports from Globe Customer Services and Etc. Calling the Customer Service, but still not even a thing about what they said has changed about the disconnection. So Directly asking if except for sudden signal changed or anything, is there any reason that this sudden disconnection exist? I have seen so many people from other forums taking too much of they're time staying in other forums and in here just to solve or had something in mind that "It's going to be fixed soon sir" but nothing like that, this is a community of GLOBE but still no GLOBE Moderators responding to some request here?! 

      Made a communcation from most of my friends that either had a 4G Stick in other areas in iloilo, and guess what?! They are having the same issues as mine, but not a thing about network maintenance in the area? Even bother to waste most of my time having to Disconnect and Connect the Dashboard, but still it's disconnecting OVER and OVER again!


      Ok, If some of you are thinking to reply in this post "area signal problem" don't try, i even managed to talk to 2 globe branches near here. But no luck, I'm a technical type of person that needs IN detail explanations about network problems, I'm not new to networking, even one of my friend has been working under the globe network. 


      ~Be more techy if planning to reply. Thanks.